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3/10/13 12:10 P


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3/10/13 9:10 A

I think the lesson in all this, is that we need to take the time to really inform ourselves about things, and not rely on one person's little blurb on a topic, to be taken as "fact". I love the internet because it can be a quick source for information. But I stand by my opinion that any idiot sitting around at 3 a.m. in his underwear, can spew out a ton of garbage, put it out there on the web, and people will take it as gospel truth.

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3/10/13 9:00 A

It should still be required to be on the front label, though. I know that I at least do not automatically associate something like chocolate milk from a local dairy -- generally a relatively healthy choice -- with "might have artificial sweeteners in it". If it's only on the back ingredient label, it'll go missed by a lot of a people who are expecting the usual "sugar-free/light/whatever" tip-off on the front. I don't think it's right to have across-the-board labeling expectations for things like this, and then suddenly exempt a whole class of foods from the requirement -- why? Because the industry lobbyists think fewer people will want to buy it if they put this stuff in and make it obvious that that's the case, than if they put the stuff in and make it less obvious. The intent here is obviously to fool at least some people, and so I find it gross.

3/9/13 7:04 P

Wow thank you everyone for the thoughtful and well-informed responses. I usually do my homework a little better before getting all fired up about something. I went back and read the whole petition instead of just the article. I think I just freaked out because these artificial sweeteners make me so sick!

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3/9/13 5:27 P

Good to know that they aren't really wanting to start adding aspartame into milk without labeling it as such. I have friends who are allergic to it, or at least get migraines and upset stomach from it.

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3/9/13 4:58 P

The author of that article is DELIBERATELY misinterpreting and misrepresenting what's going on. First of all, they're not asking to change the definition of milk. They're talking specifically about flavored "milk products." Second, they're not asking to leave aspartame out of the list of ingredients; they're just asking not to have to put the words "light" or "sugar free" or "reduced calorie" on the front of the label. The author is trying to boost his click fees by making you think that when you go to the store to buy organic milk it could have evil aspartame and you'll never know it, but in fact what's in the petition is that parents whose kids want crappy chocolate or strawberry "milk" will be able to choose a lower-sugar variety without the kids knowing that it's "diet." It'll still have the normal ingredient list which will have to identify everything, so people who care enough to bother looking at the list will be perfectly able to be fully informed.

If you don't buy sweetened flavored "milk products," there's nothing to worry about. And if you do buy that garbage for your kids, you probably don't much care what you're feeding them anyway. If you do, you know to read the ingredient list and not just the name.

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3/9/13 4:43 P

I think it's "milk products" like flavored milks and so on, not just regular milk. I think. It's still horrifying regardless, all those things should be labeled.

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3/9/13 4:07 P

Yikes, this Is scary. Use the we the people petition system to get the white house to respond and let people know what is currently (secretly) being bundled under the 'milk' category on labels.

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3/9/13 4:01 P

I am a big organic supporter but as a Biology Student I have learned a lot about chemicals in food. While some are bad, a large majority of the things we think are bad in milk are harmless.

For example, the hormones in the cows milk do not effect humans. The studies that "seem to show" that hormones in milk are harmful are greatly flawed. For example, the studies that suggests it causes early puberty is false. The individuals in the study were already overweight and being 'husky' or obese is also known to cause early puberty and therefore there was no reason to think it was related to the hormones.

The hormones found cows milk cannot survive our stomach acid. There is a reason why most hormones need to be injected rather than ingested.

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3/9/13 3:58 P

Yes, it's totally disgusting and all about $$$, I am sure. Surely they will offer a choice, then we can vote with our purchases.

3/9/13 2:24 P

Has anyone heard about this petition by the dairy industry to be allowed to add sweeteners such as aspartame and sucralose to milk without having to include this information on the label?

Isn't it bad enough that we have to worry about all the hormones, antibiotics, and genetic modifications being made to our foods? I have ulcerative colitis and avoid artificial sweeteners like the plague as they trigger flare-ups.

I wish I could switch to an all organic diet, but at this point in my life I am barely scraping by financially. I feel like it is an accomplishment that I even manage to buy enough fruits and vegetables each week!

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