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7/14/10 8:22 A

Thanks so much!

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7/13/10 8:32 P

Just stay at the low end of the carb range on here. It will be lower carbs but not so low that the weight will come back

7/13/10 7:29 P

And how will be feel when those water weight pounds are back on your body??? This is not true weight loss.

since carbs feed your brain and your muscles you may also notice a decrease in your ability to focus, attention, ability to work out and exercise.

I suggest you stick with the LOWER end of your SP carb range, and select healthy carbohydrate foods.
dietitian Becky

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7/13/10 7:28 P

I agree with Gymgurlie. Just keep focusing on the basics of the Spark Diet and you won't regret it at all. You don't necessarily have to go low-carb, unless you just want to.

As to the weight gain thing, I'm not completely sure about that. I tried the Atkins diet for a while, where you have to eat only proteins and fruits, I think.... I didn't put weight back on, but I didn't really lose much in the first place.

Hope that helps....

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7/13/10 7:25 P

Initially you might gain some weight but it will start to come off after the initial weight gain. But the initially weight gain won't even compare to the amount of weight you will lose off sparkpeople.. and you will be able to enjoy a balanced meal of carbs. Low Carb diets can be very dangerous. I'm glad you are here on sparkpeople. Give it a try for a few months. Don't discredit sparkpeople for the initial weight gain. Push through for several months and you won't regret it.

7/13/10 4:05 P

I'm jump-starting my diet by low carbing for two weeks (I am still eating lots of veggies). I am concerned about gaining weight (or stalling my weight loss) once I introduce carbs back in. Any advice on this? Thanks!

(I am still eating within the recommended calorie range; I've just found that the intial water loss that comes with low carbing is a good motivator for me and helps with how my clothes fit. Ideally, I would still like to be able to not have to limit the kinds of foods I eat as long as I maintain portion control and eat within my recommended range.)

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