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5/12/13 12:56 P

Welcome back! Sorry to hear about yoiur injury. The best advice I can give you is to follow your doctors orders and don't overdo it! Sprains seem to be worse than fractures when it comes to healing.
My DD was 1 month no weight bearing and 1 month limited weight bearing and her injury was not as bad as yours.
Something interesting ...her ankle injuries were caused by her knee cap not tracking correctly. Knee therapy and bracing really helped her prevent new injuries.
Some new goals:
Logging in daily, meal tracking, gradual increase in walking distance, biking?? Lots of great options!
Good luck

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5/12/13 12:42 P

I'm coming back after a few months off of here, I was doing really well when I logged in faithfully :-) About a month and a half ago, I had 2 complete tears in my ankle ligaments with a grade 3 sprain and this had slowed me down terribly and I'm just now getting back into the gym but my foot just graduated from the boot to the ankle brace for the next three weeks. I missed Pat's Run in Tempe since my injury happened the week before so I am looking forward to a new goal in less than a year, registering again, hopefully in even better shape than I was this year :-) Looking to see how other people have recovered from this type of injury, any suggestions?? My trainer is killing me with the upper body workouts only. Dr. told me I'll probably never be 100% again in the ankle but I would even be happy with some flexibility at this point.

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