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4/8/13 6:19 P

I have a couple of Under Armor zip front sports bras that I love. No uni-boob and plenty of support. Comfortable too.

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4/8/13 3:48 P

I just ordered an Enell Sports Bra. I am hoping that will work.

SUPASTAR24 Posts: 247
4/7/13 12:30 P

Awesome, thanks for being so helpful!!! Great suggestions!

FUSCHIA6 Posts: 2,941
4/6/13 5:52 P

I used to always wear 2 bras: a regular one underneath a sports bra. That was okay & cheap too. About 2 months ago, I bought an expensive Panache sports bra. I absolutely love it. It has great support. It goes on like a regular bra, but has the option of easily hooking together (in about 2 seconds) into a racer back. I will definitely be going with this one again & again.
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4/6/13 3:50 P

The Sparkpeople article has an outdated method of measuring bras. Try this way, it works much better.

That being said I like Moving Comfort Maia and Champion Powerback for bras that don't give the mono boob look. The Powerback bra can be a little challenging to get on and off though lol. I also like Moving Comfort Rebound Racer and Juno, and Champion Double Dry seamless. They may cause some mono boob though.

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4/6/13 10:57 A

Thanks for suggestions. Don't have a sports bra yet

WENDIBUGG Posts: 674
4/6/13 9:29 A

Love my moving comfort ones.

HOLLYM48 Posts: 18,880
4/6/13 8:15 A

I really liked the sports bra that I bought at Sears. They are comfortable enough to wear all day long and have enough support when working out. I am going to look into the bra's from lululemon, those sound good too.

SUPASTAR24 Posts: 247
4/5/13 8:10 P

Thanks so much, very helpful!!

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4/5/13 4:48 P

Moving comfort

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,791
4/5/13 2:17 P

Here's an article you might also find helpful:

Coach Jen

SUPASTAR24 Posts: 247
4/5/13 1:16 P

Ok thank you so much! I think we have one in a mall that's not too far away, I'll definitely check next time I'm out that way.

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4/5/13 12:36 P

If you're trying to avoid uniboob, then definitely check out lululemon.

SUPASTAR24 Posts: 247
4/5/13 12:28 P

Awesome, I will certainly look into those suggestions, thank you both! Yes I am trying to avoid the uniboob look as well, LOL!

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4/5/13 12:09 P

I bought some from Title Nine that I love. The are fine for everyday wear, so I don't have to make sure I remember to pack a sports bra with my workout clothes. And the don't cause the uniboob look.

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4/5/13 11:55 A

What size are you and what's your budget? Are you looking for padding? No padding? Adjustable straps?

If you don't want to answer those questions and just want suggestions: For inexpensive yet comfortable, I like the racer back, thick strap, unadjustable styles from Champion and Road Runner. Anything by lululemon is awesome, plus the people there are incredibly helpful in finding you the right size and fit, just know that you'll be spending quite a bit more on their products. I've also heard great things about Under Armor, but have only tried their shirts

SUPASTAR24 Posts: 247
4/5/13 11:43 A

Does anyone have any suggestions for a comfortable sports bra with medium support? The ones I have are just too bulky/too much material and they move around and bunch up during exercise, and they are not loose so I know that's not the issue. I want to find something that works well with HIIT, dancing and strength training. I'm forever readjusting the thick straps during exercise. Please help and thank you! :)

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