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FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
1/31/14 12:25 A

I've never been but I know it's coming soon and hubby said it wasn't that bad but I just want to be knocked out hahaha I don't even want to know anything till they wake me up and my butt is covered emoticon

JOYCECAIN SparkPoints: (137,945)
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Posts: 3,627
1/30/14 8:28 P

My ad colon cancer, so at 61 I had one.

MEXGAL1 SparkPoints: (569,271)
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Posts: 16,147
1/30/14 9:40 A

I have had to have several of them and really they aren't anything to worry about. I know everyone complains about the prep but I just tell myself that it's a good cleaning out and I keep a positive attitude. So think of it as a good cleaning. Light a candle in the bathroom to "welcome" you each time you visit it. I took the fleet stuff around 5 pm the day before and was all cleaned out by 10pm and slept fine. but everyone is different.
Here in Mexico they hook you up to an IV and give you "happy drugs" and you sleep through it for like 20 minutes or so for the procedure. I also am lucky and feel great when I wake up, no side effects at all. So please don't worry. You will be fine and glad you did it.
Best of everything to you.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,311
1/30/14 9:24 A

The preparation for it (cleaning out your colon, no solid food after such and such a time) is the worst part. Wouldn't be so bad if you could just sleep through it, but you're using the bathroom so often that you don't really get any rest.

I was put under for mine.... you don't know a thing. One minute you're there, and the next minute they're waking you up. I had some belly cramps after so I went home and piled up in the bed and took a long nap. Overall... no big deal.

1/30/14 9:04 A

lots of that stuff to drink the day before......LOTS!

When you go under you won't remember a thing when you wake up......

RIET69 SparkPoints: (47,087)
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1/30/14 9:03 A

The preparation is the most uncomfortable part in my opinion. The actual event is interesting. I watch mine because when else do I get to see something like that?

LISALOOPNER Posts: 1,183
1/30/14 8:59 A

I'm going for my first colonoscopy next month and I'm just wondering what to expect?

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