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BERKANA_T Posts: 138
12/31/12 12:19 P

I let my body tell me what it can handle, and go from there.

I have a chest/sinus infection right going on right now, actually. Yesterday I didn't work out at all. I just felt too blah, achy, and ill in general. This morning I did a lighter, shorter cardio workout than I would normally have done. I just start at a nice slow pace and gradually increase it until my body says "enough!" and then I dial it back slightly and continue.

Personally, I feel like crud for the rest of the day if I don't do my morning workout, so a light workout when I'm not feeling well actually helps me feel better. I haven't noticed any illness sticking around longer than usual, even though I workout generally throughout the illness. BUT the once or twice that I tried to push it even though I was ill, the rest of that day I was completely wiped and miserably sick.

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12/30/12 3:58 P

I agree with the person who posted before me. Do a lighter work-out than normal, and if that still makes you short of breath, give yourself a rest day.

KAPELAKIN Posts: 1,984
12/29/12 5:13 P

I rest during the worst part, and then go back to an easier workout if I'm still congested. I was really sick on Thursday with body aches, so I didn't exercise, but on Friday I felt better except for some congestion and being a little tired, so I just did a 3.5 mile run at an easy pace, whereas I would have done a 5-6 mile run at a faster pace if I hadn't been sick. Today I'm going to do a kettlebell workout, but keep it shorter and with a lighter bell than usual.

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12/29/12 2:04 P

for me I keep working out like I would. I feel SO MUCH better afterwards almost like I am sweating the cold out. I don't seem to get it as bad as others seem to around me. Of coarse I also drink TONS of water, sometimes add in EmergenC drink mix as well.


KARYNWHO SparkPoints: (4,381)
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12/29/12 1:58 P

You should definitely take time off for any illness that involves your lungs, chest congestion or sinusitis.


This article says you can run through minor head colds (sneezing and runny nose), but I always find that resting and just focusing on really good nutrition helps my cold go away much quicker than if I try to fight through it at the gym.

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12/29/12 1:19 P

Any tips or advice on running or exercising with head/sinus congestion and/or chest congestion? I'm coming down with a cold, and am wondering whether I should just tone down the intensity of my running and workouts, or skip them altogether until I feel better. Any thoughts, suggestions, personal experiences, etc. are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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