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In the 30s, I'm usually in a long-sleeved tech shirt and capri tights. (I usually run before dawn, so it always feels a little colder than it really is.) In the 20s, a long-sleeved tech shirt and full-length tights. In the teens, and I add a lightweight shell jacket. I haven't run in anything colder than about 15 yet. Oh, and I add a hat and gloves once it gets down to the low 30s. Also when it's in the 20s or below, I wear Smartwool socks, which are warmer than my usual running socks.

A great resource for figuring out what to wear in what weather conditions is this site from Runner's World: .

I don't spend a ton of money on my running clothes--almost all my tights are from Old Navy, and I get most of my shirts on sale at Sports Authority.

11/6/13 4:51 P

I agree with the others, there is no one right answer because the 30's when it is sunny and calm is very different from when it is rainy and windy. Also, everyone's cold tolerance is different and you might have to experiment a bit before you figure it out. I would probably wear running tights, a long-sleeve tech shirt, a zip-up fleece, light gloves, and a fleece headband to keep my ears warm.

I would never spend $85 on a hoodie either, I buy most of my gear at TJ Maxx/Marshall's. You can get all the high-tech fabrics and name brands for an average of $15-$30 a piece and last 5-10 years if you care for them properly. I used to try Target and other store brands but found the fit and quality were lacking, although it has been a long time so that may have changed.

11/2/13 4:31 P

The theme here is layers. Wear a moisture wicking fabric against your skin. Wear shorts or tights, depending on wind conditions. I usually wear shorts unless it's freezing or below. Your outer layer should keep warmth in and cold out. The fabric depends on whether it's windy or rainy - you'll want something to help you stay dry. Wear moisture-wicking socks. There's nothing more miserable than cold, wet feet. And finally, wear a hat or cap.

Hope this helps.

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temps in the 30s? depends on whether it is sunny or cloudy or rainy, but skirt, calf sleeves, light half zip with tank top underneath or tech tshirt with vest, baseball cap, gloves.

but if it was similar temps for a race I'd wear short sleeves and skirt.

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I've really gotten into outdoor running lately (and after that, the treadmill is just ridiculously boring, even with a TV/music nearby), but it's getting rather cold out there in the mornings.

What do people generally wear when it's in the 30s (or less) outside? I need something that's light enough to be comfortable and not inhibit movement but warm enough that I don't freeze! Also, where to get stuff? I've gone to a few stores, but the idea of paying $85 for what looks like a glorified hoodie just isn't going to work! I currently have a pair of capri-length running tights, which I match with knee socks (yeah, kinda ridiculous, but comfy!) and a few long sleeved tech shirts, but that doesn't really work when it's below 45 or so...

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