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MATREXX Posts: 579
1/29/13 12:50 P

I've cut down my coffee from about 6 x 8 oz cups to 2. I drink that at home with breakfast and add a bit of almond milk. Total calories is insignificant, but positive gains in kindness to coworkers and strangers is unmeasurable! I'm going on vacation so I'm going to try and cut it down further and may switch to a french press when I get home.

1/29/13 12:41 P

I would never give up my coffee. Life's too short to stop drinking coffee. Numerous studies have shown health benefits from it.

JAHINTZY SparkPoints: (18,820)
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1/29/13 11:59 A

Sparklie-day I love your comment about not living like a monk - I entirely agree :)

Happy to know that I'm not the only one who thinks having a coffee habit isn't a cardinal sin!

CLARK971 SparkPoints: (29,686)
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1/29/13 11:41 A

i love my morning coffee. used to have two cups in the morning and one in the evening and sometimes one in the afternoon. 2 tablespoons of vanilla cream in each plus a few teaspoons of sugar. my four cup a day habit was adding over 400 calories.

i slowly cut down the sugar and cream and replaced it with milk to help cut calories. Occassionly, I will still have cream-but it is not a daily thing anymore.

love your message about you have to decide how you want to live.

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IDJ1973 SparkPoints: (8,716)
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1/29/13 11:38 A

not really a coffee drinker. May have a special coffee drink, but it is fluffed up with the carmel and whipped topping.. Sugar free and low fat of course. Maybe once a month..

WALLY828 SparkPoints: (14,438)
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1/29/13 11:30 A

There is nothing wrong with drinking coffee daily, as long as it doesn't get too excessive. I french press my coffee every morning.

1/29/13 11:24 A

You have to decide how you want to live. I frankly don't want to live like a monk. I want to let go of the things that are getting in my way, and I want to keep the things that bring me joy. So if you love your coffee, drink it! If you start getting a sour stomach or having sleep problems, think about whether coffee could be the culprit. But it might be the right thing for you to have a Starbucks every morning, and for your best friend to cut out caffeine entirely. Life isn't one size fits all.

JESSICAMONT32 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/29/13 11:08 A

I love my coffee couldn't live without it. I just put a little skim milk in it no sugar. I drink about the same as you

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KESTRUNK Posts: 196
1/29/13 10:54 A

Love my coffee too - I don't use sugar or milk in mine. If it's something you love don't give it up. It will only make you crabby if you do emoticon

JAHINTZY SparkPoints: (18,820)
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1/29/13 10:45 A

Do you all drink much coffee? I drink about 4 (6 oz) cups of coffee most days, over time I've gotten to where I don't put any sugar in - just a little milk, or occasionally I'll use sugar but no milk, I don't often use both. I feel like it's one of those things that people at large may zero in on and say you've got to cut out, but I really do enjoy my morning coffee and wonder who else is with me on that.

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