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5/28/14 10:41 A


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5/28/14 8:35 A

Thanks for all the tips. I actually like hot tea, and didn't think about a 'breakfast' tea. I'll try that! :)

5/27/14 5:53 P

Can you at least use stevia instead of sugar? I can see how it would be hard to part with the richness of cream, but stevia is very sweet and has no calories. That would cover the sweetening part.

If you give yourself time you might start to like tea. A cup of Earl Grey or any other black tea has a nice caffeine boost to it. For me personally though, I would never give up coffee. Fortunately I've always drunk it black.

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5/27/14 4:16 P

I'm cutting back on my intake. I have one cup in the morning, with heavy whipping cream (1 T) and liquid stevia. If I have another cup after that, it's black, and I try not to have more than two a day. If I need a pick me up and I've already had two, I have some tea, which doesn't pack the same punch.

I used to drink 3-4 cups a day and then wondered why my heart would race!

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5/27/14 4:05 P

A lot of people here still use cream and sugar. They limit the amount, however. Instead of 4 cups with cream and sugar, they maybe have 2.

I don't think one cup of coffee with a splash of cream and a teaspoon of sugar will kill anyone's diet.

Creating a lifestyle change is about moderation....not deprivation emoticon

Totally off subject, I drink Bigelow French Vanilla tea, with vanilla almond milk (lol, I love vanilla!), and 1 dot of domino's sugar. I drink 3-4 cups every single morning.

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5/27/14 4:03 P

have you thought about having warm milk instead of coffee? since you're not trying to balance out the bitter of coffee that you don't really like the lactose in the milk might be sweet enough for you.

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5/27/14 4:02 P

I dropped coffee a few months ago and haven't looked back. To wean myself off of it, I followed a bit of a tiered program.

1) You probably already know how much cream and sugar you usually add, so start by putting those in first in your preferred measurements. Then add 1/8 cup milk...then top off the cup with coffee. Do that for a few days.
2) After a few days, increase the milk you add by another 1/8 cup. Keep doing that until it's over half milk. At that point...your caffeine intake should be around where it would be with a good breakfast tea.

3) While you're on step 2 and increasing your milk vs. coffee ratio...start trying different varieties of tea. If you want a head start, I really like Tazo English Breakfast tea for a morning starter, and I have Yogi bedtime tea for before bed...and Tazo chai for midday treats sometimes. Unlike coffee, where I added around 350 calories of sugar and creamer per cup...I enjoy my morning tea instead of coffee with just 2 tsp of sugar. It's just enough to take that slight bitter bite out of it, but not enough to go into sweet territory. (I initially transitioned from coffee to tea by adding 4-5 tsp of sugar, then decreased about 1/2 a tsp at a time. Goal is eventually using no sugar.)

That's what helped me kick the habit. I'll admit that I stopped the rationing of milk to coffee a bit too early and did suffer caffeine withdrawal headaches for 2 days, but a couple Tylenol got me through it, and it didn't last long.

Tea is MUCH easier on the calorie budget than coffee how I drank it. You could switch entirely to water...but I like having a special cup of something with breakfast, so tea was my answer.

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5/27/14 3:47 P

If its the caffeine you are looking for in the morning try some tea. Teas usually have caffeine, some not as much as others. Personally, I do coffee black every morning, sometimes with cinnamon. If I want to spoil myself, I will add about 1 Tablespoon of Almond milk with a small shot of sugar free vanilla syrup.

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5/27/14 10:34 A

My daughter does not drink coffee anymore and she drinks something called 'Inka' instead. I don't get it - I LOVE coffee. This Inka stuff is made of roasted barley and rye. It tastes OK, I guess. I keep it around for her visits and I've even added it as an ingredient to homemade bread. You can probably find Inka at Whole Foods or maybe the health food shelves at the supermarket. The brand is Naturalis and it's made in Poland.

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5/27/14 10:29 A

I have one large cup with creamer and splenda in the morning. (I actually prefer splenda to sugar, I like how it dissolves). If I want more coffee during the day I have it black. So I have one the way I like it and the other is "if you have to have more coffee, you have to sacrifice the yummy stuff"

Mostly I end up not having a second cup because it's just not as yummy :)

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5/27/14 9:44 A

Don't know if this is really a substitute (I like coffee, it fits in my plan so I don't feel a need to switch it out) but one thing I do when I don't feel like drinking it black is to put in a bit of no sugar added hot chocolate mix (1/3 of a packet or so). It gives it a nice flavor without adding more than about 15 calories to it.

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5/27/14 9:24 A

So. I'm trying to cut down to just one cup a day. I cannot drink it black or without cream/sugar. It has to have a bit of both. I just cannot drink it any other way - trust me, I've tried. Anyone found any sub for coffee?

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