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CHEETARA79 Posts: 3,918
12/27/11 7:46 P

I'm pretty sure I read in a Spark article that it's ok to consume up to 4 cups of coffee per day. What makes coffee less-than-ideal is the stuff most people add to it: cream and sugar.

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12/27/11 5:10 P

Thank you! Then it seems well enough settled. Yes, the mugs I drink from are of the larger sort so I probably am getting 4 cups in the older measurement sort. I may still try to cut back a little, and will definitely try to drink a cup of water for each cup of coffee to keep the teeth staining issue down. Are there any other recommended ways to brighten one's teeth up?

ANARIE Posts: 13,192
12/27/11 3:20 P

Coffee/caffeine actually is not a diuretic. That's an old wives' tale. If you're not hyper-sensitive to caffeine, there's no reason to change your coffee habit. Coffee probably even has some health benefits; coffee drinkers have slightly lower rates of liver cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimers. The reduction in risk isn't big enough to justify telling people to start drinking coffee if they don't want to, but it's convincing enough to reassure people they don't have to quit if they enjoy their coffee. Two cups a day is just fine; that's about the amount the people in the studies who saw the greatest benefit were drinking.(The reports said 4 cups, but they meant old-fashioned 6-ounce cups like Great-Grandma had in her good set of china; today's coffee mugs are 10-12 ounces.)

Of course, it's never a bad idea to drink more water. Drinking a cup of water for every cup of coffee will probably make you feel better in general and might reduce the chances that the coffee will stain your teeth, so go for it if it's an easy way to remind yourself to drink water.

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12/27/11 2:53 P

According to Dr.Oz (love that man), you should drink a full glass of water for every cup of coffee you drink.

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12/27/11 11:59 A

The coffee I drink is caffeinated, which is probably the problem. I've not tried to make the switch to decaf, but I probably could. Tea wise, I greatly enjoy the Chinese White Peony - though I think that may actually be caffeinated as well..

12/27/11 11:55 A

Would you be willing to switch to decaf coffee? Coffee itself isn't a big diuretic, it's the caffeine in it that's a problem.

Tea isn't a bad idea though, if you like it. Tea has incredible health benefits.

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12/27/11 11:36 A

I'm a coffee drinker. Not a big coffee drinker, but I normally have about two cups a day. Would I be needing to drink another cup of water for each cup of coffee I have (due to the diuretic nature of coffee) or would it be healthier to replace the coffee with tea?

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