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10/30/13 9:43 A

I just got into coconut oil. I think it has good benefits but it is also a fat. They say to take in approx 4 tbsp of the oil daily. Well, being on a diet that just is not intuitive. It makes no sense to take in THAT much fat of any kind when trying to lose weight. I take in about 1.5 tbsp day including cooking and also use it for skin once a day.

It may or may not promote metabolism. I am always skeptical of science reports like the ones I have found online.

However I do believe that in moderation it is probably good for you, as is olive oil and it is a good substitute for butter and other oils.

We'll see. I am going to try it for 30 days - 1.5 tbsp a day is soups, cooking, etc. In that time I will see if I continue to lose weight, if skin/hair is nice and if I have energy from it as they say.

Proof is in the pudding (oil) as they say!

7/3/13 8:45 A

Just and FYI - All of the old studies that showed tropical oils were unhealthy were flawed because they were done using trans fats! They used hydrogenated coconut and palm oil in the studies and we all know how bad hydrogenated oils are for us.

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7/3/13 1:28 A

It is nice in baked goods. I put some in banana bread and it came out really tasty.

I don't do much baking or frying these days, so I haven't experimented with it much. Olive oil is my go-to oil for cooking and cosmetics.

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7/3/13 12:09 A

I love it and use it for everything. I cook in it, add it to my eggs in the morning, use it as a conditioner on my skin and hair, season wooden kitchen utensils with it (and my expensive knives)... you name it. It's great, IMO.

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6/26/13 1:59 A

It works well for cooking as well as all kinds of cosmetic uses.

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6/25/13 4:30 P

KASIMA52: " You don't have to believe me."

I'm sure glad you said that...because your rah-rah about parasites coming out of your skin, insides and eyes Isn't Believable to me!! At least not as described.... I don't know what Doctor you took it to, but I'd bet it wasn't sent to any major medical institution that has a competent Microbiology and Parasitology lab!!

It is quite possible that some tropical cultures use it as a "preventative"...but then, humans have a history of using just about everything to try and prevent or treat medical ailments. Some of which work; most of which don't....which is why there are still many many parasites in tropical environments today. But if you "believe" it magically helped you, by all means, keep on using it.....

PS--Yes--I have Batchelor of Science degrees in both Microbiology and Medical Technology from the University of Washington in Seattle. One of my instructors was a Tropical Parasitology expert, who worked with the Merchant seamen who came from tropical environments.....

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6/25/13 3:26 P

I use it as lotion, make-up remover, and as a serum for my hair! It's cheaper than buying all of those products and works wonderfully!

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6/25/13 1:15 P

You can always find a few studies that will support anything that you want supported. So, you need to take into account what the majority of studies conclude. Studies which contradict the majority may be right, but, most frequently they have problems with the design of the study or with the conclusions that are drawn from the collected data (inappropriately drawn conclusions). Sure, they may be peer-reviewed, but these "peers" are people and can miss design flaws, etc. This is typically the reason you can find a few studies to support anything.

There is no real science behind the current popular belief that coconut oil is "super good for you." It's an oil that should be used in moderation. It's not a good source of healthy fats.

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6/25/13 11:46 A

I only use it for cooking, rather than makeup or cosmetic uses.

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6/25/13 9:58 A

I use coconut oil medicinally, cosmetically and occasionally for cooking. I have been using it for over 4 years, and it is amazing. I take 3 tablespoons of it every day and use it on my skin and hair. I was breaking out in pimples on my scalp from regular conditioner, and I could not afford organic. I started using coconut oil as a conditioner, and my hair has never looked better. It is an amazing moisturizer (just use a tiny bit). It also kills parasites, which I thought didn't apply to me until I started using it. I have always had itchy skin on my arms. My doctor (back when I could afford a doctor) gave me cortisone cream, which seemed to make it worse. I sort of resigned myself to having to use anti-itch cream the rest of my life, as they could find nothing wrong. I started using coconut oil on my skin, and the strangest thing happened. Something that looked and felt like white sand started coming out of my pores. I kept using it and the itching stopped, and eventually the sand-like stuff stopped too. I took the sand to my doctor and he sent it to a lab. It was some sort of unidentified parasite (they couldn't identify it positively). Evidently, some acid in the coconut oil had killed it. When I started taking it internally, worms started coming out in my poop. WORMS!!! They say we all have worms, but I didn't believe them until then, so I did a parasite cleanse, and all sorts of stuff came out.

PLUS it gives you extra energy because it has medium-chain fatty acids that burn quickly, so they aren't deposited in your arteries or body as fat. Well, of course, unless you just sit and do nothing all day, every day.

It's also safe to use as eyedrops for dry eyes. I couldn't believe it when I read this, but a doctor from a tropical country posted it online, and then when I asked about it, people said that yes, in tropical countries, they use it all the time to keep parasites out of their eyes. So I started using it in my eyes, and a bunch of gunk started coming out - more sand. After using it for a week, no more gunk and I could actually see better! No more floaters!

I'm telling you, this stuff is amazing! You don't have to believe me. Try it yourself. I mix it half-and-half with butter and keep in the fridge as a spread. It's healthier, and you can't tell the difference in taste at all.

The only strange thing that has happened with it was when I mixed it with olive oil to fry battered shrimp. The oil frothed up. When I use it by itself, it doesn't do that. Something to do with high temperatures and mixing it with olive oil.

It can literally be stored for years on your countertop and never spoils. I tell you, it's amazing! If you want more info on how to take it internally, PM me.

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6/25/13 7:51 A

I use it mainly for pan cooking. I also use it to add the healthy fat and calories back into my diet especially when I'm about 90% paleolithic diet, so that my body doesn't crave excessive processed carbs.

6/25/13 7:40 A

I use it for frying eggs. I 50/50 it with olive oil and use it when I make homemade french fries. I have also substituted it for butter in recipes calling for butter.

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6/25/13 7:29 A

my wife and I use it for cooking

6/25/13 7:26 A

Coconut oil is super good for you!

2010 - Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antipyretic activities of virgin coconut oil.

2004 - Beneficial effects of virgin coconut oil on lipid parameters and in vitro LDL oxidation.

2011 - Coconut oil is associated with a beneficial lipid profile in pre-menopausal women in the Philippines.

1986 - Medium chain triglycerides (MCT) in aging and arteriosclerosis. "Feeding of MCT to rats resulted in animals of low body weight, small fat deposits and excellent survival rate."

Coconut oil is over 50% medium-chain triglyceride or MTC.

2002 - Physiological effects of medium-chain triglycerides: potential agents in the prevention of obesity.

2003 - Medium-chain triglycerides increase energy expenditure and decrease adiposity in overweight men.

2010 - Medium-chain triglycerides are advantageous in promoting weight loss although not beneficial to exercise performance.

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6/25/13 5:41 A

I agree with ANARIE. I am not convinced coconut oil is a super-food in anyway. But of course I think it is healthier than loading up on the trans-fat commonly found in margarine and other butter replacements. And tastier.

It is great for baking, and also great for replacing butter in recipes. As it a "hard" fat it offers excellent "binding" properties when baking cookies ect. I use it when making sugar free "bounty" bars for and also in brownies.

The flavor is mild and sweet and I think it goes great with most vegetables and fish. I sometimes use it when making fish-curries served with kidney beans and rice cooked in coconut milk. It is heavy on the calories and saturated fats, so this is a rare treat for me. But oh so yum!

Other than to cook with, I find it a great massage oil. I think the nutty and sweet scent is wonderful mixed with some drops of jasmine or lime essential oil. Enjoy!

ANARIE Posts: 13,200
6/25/13 12:53 A

It's actually not "super good for you." It's not as horrible for you as we once thought, but even the scientists who are studying it say things like "small amounts are probably not very harmful" and "it's not so bad."

It does taste really good, though. It's a nice substitute for butter in baking and saute. Vegan bakeries often use it in frosting, and I really like it for sauteing onions before adding them to rice-and-bean dishes, and for cooking fish.

As far as health goes, it is about the same as butter. It's very high in saturated fat. Some people are probably going to post on this thread about MCFAs (medium chain fatty acids) and say they're MUCH healthier than regular saturated fat, but 1) that's still being researched, and 2) coconut oil only has a small amount of that kind of fat. Most of the fat in coconut oil is NOT the possibly less-bad kind.

6/24/13 10:35 P

What uses have you found for coconut oil? I've been using it to take off my makeup and really like it, but it's supposedly super good for you and I was wondering how other Sparkpeople friends were using it!

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