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TCANNO SparkPoints: (369,310)
Fitness Minutes: (213,720)
Posts: 73,214
8/20/13 3:53 A

Crack on and it doesn't take that long

LOUNMOUN Posts: 1,334
8/20/13 1:40 A

I don't love cleaning. I do it because it needs to be done.
I like to put on some music or do it in 15-20 minute sessions with a timer to make it less tedious.

KDRICH24 Posts: 267
8/20/13 1:11 A

Thanks for responding! What is your favorite cleaning trick?

MATTHEW0498 SparkPoints: (32,853)
Fitness Minutes: (18,507)
Posts: 1,377
8/14/13 8:22 A

I typically enjoy cleaning! It gets me moving and helps me clear my head.

8/13/13 2:05 P

I don't mind cleaning, but I have certain things I dread having to clean like the bathrooms.

07SOJO Posts: 1,652
8/13/13 9:57 A

I don't love cleaning, but I like things to be clean and I track my cleaning time as cardio if it is warranted.

STARMONICA SparkPoints: (234,951)
Fitness Minutes: (57,715)
Posts: 13,151
8/13/13 9:51 A

I love it very much

JAMIRBLAZE Posts: 1,840
8/13/13 9:26 A

I don't love it, but I don't hate it either. I just have to be in the mood to do it.

8/13/13 8:39 A

we will be moving soon, so I am packing for the move. Lots of hard work, but worth it.

RUKIDDINGME123 SparkPoints: (39,614)
Fitness Minutes: (11,119)
Posts: 1,807
8/13/13 8:35 A

Ok anyone looking for a good workout come on over to my house. I'm also in the middle of decluttering so if you have good organizational skills apply within,

WLIBERTY SparkPoints: (129,397)
Fitness Minutes: (87,612)
Posts: 896
8/13/13 8:34 A

I don't like cleaning but love the results and the afterglow.

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
Fitness Minutes: (86,286)
Posts: 2,489
8/13/13 7:24 A

I find it therapeutic. I spend about 2-3 hours cleaning nearly every day (I'm a SAHM btw). My husband works 12 hour continental shifts so I get all the cleaning done while he's working/sleeping so we have more family time on his days off.

Not because I'm obsessed with a clean house (although it does bug me a little when I see messes and I like everything to be organized) but mostly to keep myself moving. Sitting around makes me feel tired, bored and depressed. I have trouble sitting for any more than 20 mins during the day. Productiveness fights depression, restlessness and boredom! I love having a long to-do list every day. ;) When I'm not cleaning we're doing crafts, playing out in the backyard, going for walks to run errands/to the park, cooking/baking, gardening, etc. always finding stuff to do that doesn't involve my old habit of sitting idly in front of the computer.

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LEXONE SparkPoints: (12,382)
Fitness Minutes: (5,493)
Posts: 467
8/13/13 7:08 A

I can't deal with the clutter, so I have to clean. I just wish I knew how many calories I was burning while doing each task so I could track my efforts better...

DUBLINROSE Posts: 2,757
8/13/13 5:43 A

I see cleaning as one of those things that has to be done, I don't like it but its better than living in a pig sty

FAITHP44 Posts: 8,852
8/13/13 5:01 A

OK all you people who like to clean. Who'd like to come to my place (in UK). You can have as much fun cleaning as you like!! Plenty of scope for you here!

TCANNO SparkPoints: (369,310)
Fitness Minutes: (213,720)
Posts: 73,214
8/13/13 3:45 A

Here here it is also a good way to pass the time (I live on my own in case you are wondering) emoticon

FIRYMIST35 Posts: 1,154
8/13/13 12:26 A

I'd rather do something else, but I do find it a good way to deal with stress.

ROXYCARIN SparkPoints: (95,965)
Fitness Minutes: (82,553)
Posts: 3,996
8/13/13 12:20 A


KKLENNERT809 Posts: 10,742
8/13/13 12:04 A

I would much rather be doing something else

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (600,231)
Fitness Minutes: (357,167)
Posts: 17,099
8/12/13 11:18 P

I need to do that this week.

ONLINEASLLOU SparkPoints: (73,365)
Fitness Minutes: (57,011)
Posts: 4,787
8/12/13 9:51 P

Do any of you want to come to my condo and clean? I hate it and could use the help.

JBALDWIN29 Posts: 5,136
8/12/13 6:29 P

Cleaning relaxes me when I am upset about something.

LAURIEANDBLUE2K SparkPoints: (58,033)
Fitness Minutes: (148,529)
Posts: 228
8/12/13 5:32 P

I love cleaning too!! People think I'm crazy for liking to clean.

KDRICH24 Posts: 267
8/12/13 4:48 P

I love to clean... I have been cleaning all morning. For me it's an easy way to up the amount of movement I get in one day.

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