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1/8/12 12:05 P

I throw them away if they hurt my feet because they are no longer comfortable why give them to people with no money and hurt them more? The homeless shelter where I work, makes sure their residents gets a new shoes too as many have diabetes, sores and feet that need care..
If these people loss the ability to walk, homeless people are more screwed than us whom have a job and roof over their heads..
Donate money so they can also purchase these people new shoes.. The support in old running shoes is stuffed- when I am finished with old running shoes they hurt me just using them around the house and doing my shopping also..

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1/8/12 10:43 A

Drop them off at your local Salvation Army or Goodwill. There is someone out there in desperate need of shoes with no means of buying a pair... They will put your used running shoes to good use!

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1/8/12 10:35 A

I either donate them or turn them into "walking shoes". After 6 months, runners still seem to have lots of give for walking but not enough for running. They become my sight seeing shoes, already broken in & I know i can spend hours on my feet in them!

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1/8/12 10:01 A

Do a Mud Run in your area and wear the old shoes. Then at the end donate them. They will clean up and donate them.

You will have gotten some fun exercise and given something back.

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1/7/12 9:44 P

My retired runners become my new bum arounds!

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1/7/12 8:32 P

also donate.

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1/7/12 8:17 P


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1/7/12 8:14 P

I get new shoes every 6 months and will just use my old ones for working in the garden or camping. I don't really ever buy sneakers anymore because of it.

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1/7/12 8:13 P

hit the trash........not good enought to keep.

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1/7/12 8:10 P

What do you do with all those old running shoes you have? Or workout shoes?

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