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6/21/10 2:38 P

Ugh...I know how you feel! My BF's cat has been peeing on the hardwood floor and on my sofa since we all moved in together. She is driving me SO crazy.

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6/21/10 2:33 P

You can only buy it online, but I swear by Nok Out made by Osborn. One of my cats had issues a few years back & my hairdresser told me about it, & IMO it works better than Nature's Miracle. I know Trillian was looking for an at home remedy, but unless it's something that can go in the washing machine, I don't know of any that completely get the smell out. And cats will usually continue to pee in places they've peed before due to the smell.

Have you bought at least one more litter box? I have 2 cats & 2 boxes, although it's suggested to have one per cat plus an extra.

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6/21/10 11:29 A

I have a crazy cat that is not playing well with the other kitties and tinkles outside the box. I will try some of these suggestions. Anyone have suggestions for carpet?

KEELYME Posts: 1,162
6/20/10 9:44 A

while I realize that you mentioned having no money, I don't know of any normal household product that gets rid of the stuff.

Nature's Miracle makes a really great odor remover that you can buy at Petco for under $10. My cat got into my closet, peed on several pairs of shoes, and the urine also soaked into the wood floor. Nature's Miracle got rid of the smell completely.

I'd suggest soaking the cushion in the stuff, and then sticking it in a washing machine. I'd probably add some OxyClean as well.

6/20/10 9:01 A

For a no money solution, I'd spray and scrub at it with what ever soaps you have before putting it out in the sun. Completely soak the area with soapy water, (dish, or laundry soap) and then press with a towel most of the water out, then put it out for the sun to finish the job.
Then as others mentioned, baking powder if you can under the cover, and when you can, if it still
smells, vinegar, spray on and put outside again to dry.

edit: baking soda, duh, not powder, unless you want the cushion more fluffy.
Hope you get it out, there's nothing like cat urine!

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6/20/10 8:47 A

I the cushion zips off take it to the dry cleaners and tell them what is on it. If not, there are carpet cleaning services who can do this and you can do it yourself with the home carpet/fabric cleaners, that you will first you test on the back side or under the skirt for fabric problems. There is a product online, Zero Odor, that will take care of the smell in short order if nothing else works. Good luck!

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6/20/10 8:35 A

Does the cushion cover come off? If so, you can wash it in cold water in the machine. For the cushion, again if the cover comes off, you can sprinkle baking soda on the spot, wrap the cushion in a large garbage bag and put the covered foam back inside the clean cover.

If it doesn't come off and you can turn the cushion over, you can spot clean with baking soda and water, let it dry, and then put the cushion upside down.

Hope this helps.

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6/17/10 9:57 A

Well, I cannot afford to buy anything right now, so we'll just see how it goes.

I can put that product on my "when I can" list.

If anyone has other ideas, I'm all ears.

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6/16/10 8:51 P

Ummm, I have a lot of experience in this area (from aging cats that are now gone). The best product I found for this is odorxit- you have to get it online. But you would probably have to fill the tub and soak the cushion for at least 24 hours (a little of this product goes a looooong way). Then you have to rinse it good to get the smell from the odorxit out (which is pretty potent as well). I have tried the enzyme sprays, vinegar you name it and the smell always comes back. Although you might have a shot if you can completely soak the cushion in a mild detergent with vinegar where you have a shot at getting all of it up. I had issues with it soaking into my basement floor (concrete). Good luck!

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6/16/10 8:45 P

OK, long story short - Cat peed on some clothes and it soaked through the fabric and probably into the foam cushion.

I don't have things like white vingear or fabreeze, and I can't afford to take it to someone who specializes in cleaning these kinds of things.

I'm going to put the cushion outside, but is there anything else I can to do clean this up, so it doesn't totally damage the cushion, so I don't have cat urine smell every time it gets hot?

(And in case your curious, it's not a cat problem, it's human error - I left the bathroom door closed, went next door for a few minutes, which unexpectedly turned into a few hours, and he had to go ... somewhere. I'm glad he at least didn't go on the bed - that would have been far worse of a problem. And he did chose clothes, which is a good choice, very washable, but it just soaked through.)

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