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1/4/13 9:33 P

I serve myself smaller portions than I used to. So I still clean my plate but I am never stuffed.

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1/4/13 6:43 P

There are many reasons Americans are over weight.
Personally I think...
Clean your plate
Ease of fast food
Food as rewards...(good grades...job promotion... holiday etc.)
portion size

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1/4/13 2:21 P

That's what I plan to do, teach them to eat until satisfied. No point in stuffing oneself, it's not a famine or a contest.

I just now became aware that I do it. Now to try and learn when to stop.

Maybe America has an obesity problem because each generation keeps teaching the next to clean our plates.

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1/4/13 2:02 P

My parents and I fight about this all of the time because of my kids. I was raised, you need to clean your plate, my kids have been raised to eat until satisified. They would get mad at the kids then at me.
I asked them one day...
"Who's parents made them clean their plates?" - Everyone raised their hands.
Next question...
"Who here is overweight?" everyone raised their hands again.

One thing that we do at our house... use smaller plates! It really does help.

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1/4/13 1:08 P

That's a good idea. I don't eat at the deli often, but I could keep a spare container here for when I do.

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1/4/13 1:03 P

If you are serving the food yourself, make sure that the amount you are putting on your plate is correct; i.e., 3-4 oz. of meat, poultry or fish, 1/2 cup of rice or pasta, etc. etc. If you have picked the right amount of food, you should eat it, or save some for a between-meal snack.

If someone else is serving you, just eat the amount you know you should eat. Box up the rest for another meal, or just leave it.

Make sure that you are eating your minimum number of calories each day, as recommended by SP, and try hard to keep your protein, fat and carbs within the SP range.

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1/4/13 12:53 P

Some folks at restaurants immediately ask them to box up half the food, that might help for you in restaurants. For the deli at work, can you bring your own container and immediately box up half of it and put in the fridge, before you start eating it?

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1/4/13 12:46 P

That's what I do! I eat til I'm stuffed, not full, or until I've eaten so much that - if I DON'T stop - I'm going to be sick.

When I portion out my own food, I usually don't have a problem giving myself what I need and nothing more. But at restaurants or at the office deli downstairs, they pile on the food and I just keep eating.

Once I've become aware of what I'm doing, I can stop myself. It's just making myself more aware and basically rewiring my brain that I have to work on.

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1/4/13 12:37 P

I had (and still have when I'm eating out) a REALLY hard time with this.

The best thing you can do is really make sure what you're putting on your plate is the correct portion. Use smaller plates to help with the visual of it all. I know I feel a bit sad when I have a big plate and see, what appears to be, a small amount of food on it, even if it's the correct portion. So using a smaller plate helps with that and eliminates the temptation to over serve myself.. I use measuring cups as my serving utensils, and I weigh out the meat before I put it on the plate. Last night I made a dynamite pork tenderloin and skinny garlic mashed potatoes. I served up my mashed potatoes with the measuring cup, and weighed out my meat portion before it went on the plate. I really wanted more, not because I was hungry but because it was REALLY good, but nope, I had eaten my allotment. There were a bit of mashed potatoes and pork left over, but they went into a container to eat this weekend for a lunch.

I would also make sure you're eating slowly. That way your body has time to catch up and tell you "I'M FULL"! I've found that I eat more slowly in a restaurant or at the table, versus when I eat in front of the TV or the computer, so maybe try that if you aren't already.

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1/4/13 12:31 P

2 small things you could start with:

Mindfully leave 1 bite of food on the plate for awhile. Then 2 and then 3.

Meanwhile, pay close attention to how full you are. Stop when you are satisfied but not stuffed.

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1/4/13 12:27 P

I was just eating lunch and came to a realization: I was full halfway through my meal but was still eating because there was still food on my plate.

I grew up in a family that taught me to clean my plate, even if I was full (I will NOT do this to my own children, btw).

Because of that, I still do it today. I can eat one sandwich and be satisfied, but if there are two on my plate, I will still eat both.

It's subconscious now and it causes me to overeat. It's a hard habit to break. Anyone else have an issue with this? My signal to stop eating is once the food is gone. What signal should I watch for instead? When should I REALLY stop? I have to retrain myself.

Any feedback is appreciated!

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