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2/13/13 8:35 P

Good luck to you! emoticon

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 59,588
2/13/13 8:25 P

I simply reset my weight, goals, etc. when I returned after being long absent. I did not want to see that I went WAY UP before I started going back down. Clean slate sounds like a good decision.

2/13/13 4:11 P

Thanks everyone for your opinions and time! I guess it's a clean slate for me. Heading over to do that now...had a great day yesterday and today, so I think I will call it a new start.

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2/12/13 11:17 A

Sometimes a clear renewal of goals and processes can really be energizing. I say go for it and best of luck to you.

STARDUST2K4 Posts: 1,376
2/12/13 11:13 A

I've had to reset my page before with this website. It sucked, but it helped me face the reality of the fact that I was where I was, and it was actually beneficial in a way because it was a new start without the 'pressure' of knowing where I was.

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2/12/13 11:11 A

For me, an occasional starting over really helps the morale, especially when you have been stuck in a rut for awhile. Resetting the goals, starting anew is kind of like a breath of fresh spring air to me! I find it motivating. (Good luck to you, you'll have to let us know which way you decide to go with it!)

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2/12/13 10:49 A

I think that there's a lot to be said for a clean slate. You can start over with your program by following these instructions (it'll keep your points - you earned them!):

Sometimes, the past can hold us back, and keep us from moving forward. Resetting your account here can help you shed your mistakes, and start over again anew. I say you've already just about talked yourself into it... GO for it!

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2/12/13 9:47 A

So....I'M BACK....Unfortunately I managed to erase almost an entire 6 months worth of hard work, in 6 months. I started back in February 2012 and lost 20lbs in 5 months. At that point, I went on a family vacation and though I actually got up and walked/ran almost everyday while away (a first for me!) I gained 5lbs while away. Will save the ugly details but that setback along with the change of seasons limiting my early morning walk opportunities, led to a 14lb BACKWARD SLIDE. So now my question...

I noticed there is a way to clear your sparkpeople slate, so to speak. Start new goals, erase points etc. A chance to start fresh and new. While I hate seeing what once said "20lbs lost" now reads "6 lbs lost", I am reluctant to clear the slate and not acknowldege that 6lb loss I am still holding on to. Cant decide which one would be better for my morale.

So whats your opinion? Clean the slate and start at my current weight or just plug in todays weigh-in even though theirs been 7 MONTHS in between and a 14 lb weight gain?

Thanks for your time in responding!

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