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11/30/12 1:42 P

Unfortunately the only other person who sounds like he's bringing a main dish is bringing chili or that's what I'd do.

I found this. I'll try making a meatier version of it before hand for me and if that turns out ok. I'll try to find some pork chops on sale and bring that in. Think this would cook well in 3-4 hours on high?

And my version which is 4- 8 ounce pork chops and 3 sweet potatoes cubed?

Or maybe for bringing it in, do you think 12 4 oz boneless thin chops with a can of cranberry sauce would work (leaving out the sweet potatoes)? Stinks how expensive meat can get but all anyone else is bringing is sides and desserts so I said I could bring a main dish. Other Christmassy ideas?

I'm kinda hesitant to bring in something I haven't personally made before and know to be good, but everything I normally do in a crockpot is mexican in some way, and black bean and salsa chicken doesn't seem quite right here

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11/30/12 1:23 P

What about a soup or chili? They are great in the crockpot, easy, affordable and comforting in the winter.

After a quick search of the spark recipes I found this:

You can look online for other ideas too.

(Also, if you need this done faster, turn it to high to cut down on the cooking time)

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11/30/12 9:11 A

Looking for an idea for a main dish to bring to a Christmas potluck. One that can cook on high in 3-4 hours, or some other way. I've never done this before. I have a 30 min commute to work and access tot he room so I can plug in the crockpot in the morning. Maybe some other recipe and then throw in the pot on warm mode all morning?

Bonus points if you have something that can use the 5 johnsonville spicy brats that are taking up space in my freezer. But really, anything Christmassy, affordable, and a main dish would work.

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