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12/25/13 12:28 A

All I have to do is go to church when I feel blue!!!

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
12/25/13 12:07 A

you have to find it in yourself. so what does it mean to you...? Me it's about the birth of baby Jesus.........celebrating Jesus's birthday. I don't like how commercilazed Christmas has become. I was talking to God about this tonight. How I love the pretty Christmas lights on peoples I like pretty wrapped a nativity scene in someone's yard but how I hate how the world has gone over board with Christmas. I was buying Halloween candy this year and it was right next to the Christmas stuff. hate that...!!! You have to find what brings you joy in the season..........

UMBILICAL Posts: 12,786
12/24/13 7:14 P

Holy Spirit

DIGIT00 Posts: 8,449
12/24/13 6:58 P

I try to do Christmas spirit for the kids.. tree up Thanksgiving weekend, cookies, music, decorations, etc. Personally, I find it difficult. I lost both grandpas and a grandma between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The most recent one being last year. I'm grateful that the kids are all here, enjoy their company, and grateful to take everything down and get back to normal as soon as possible.

LOLA_LALA Posts: 659
12/24/13 5:26 P

My brother's car has brake trouble so he couldn't make the 3 1/2-hr. drive up here...

My husband has a tummy virus...

I made food for a cast of billions!

So, yes, a little unexpected, but I can eat enough for both of 'em :)

12/24/13 2:21 P

MLAN613 ..... this reply is in two parts.

I was having some difficulty finding my "Christmas spirit" until I remembered that Christmas is a celebration of the fact that God, wanting to reconcile mankind to Himself, asked His Son, Jesus to come to earth & minister to us by becoming a human who would teach us how to have fellowship with the Father. He died and was resurrected, giving His life for mine. Jesus did for us what we could never have done for ourselves. Because of this obedient, loving sacrifice, I have NEW life, here and in the hereafter. That means that right here & now, I can daily experience grace, strength, and peace.

If you're not a Christian, then what I would say to you (beyond the ideas offered so far) is to turn on some Christmas music and sing along! This is bound to "warm" you up inside. The other posters had some great ideas too. Decorating (even just a little bit inside your dwelling) or doing something nice for others can be of help. You'll find that if you just do a few simple things, you will receive more than what you put in.

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MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,529
12/24/13 11:19 A

I found it and then at times I can't believe we are already celebrating Christmas.

This month has felt like it lasted six months or more

EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
12/24/13 10:42 A

Christmas means something different to everyone (IMO), not everyone has the same take on it as secular or religious, but it can be celebrated in a zillion ways, even staying quietly at home and allowing ourselves to feel a little depressed.

So I don't know what the OP means by Christmas Spirit.

But hope everyone finds it for themselves this year.

YELLOWDAHLIA SparkPoints: (94,861)
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12/24/13 10:10 A

I love putting up my tree- the pretty lights make me happy! And I love Christmas music! But all the rest of the Christmas stuff stresses me out.

GONNALOSE5 Posts: 975
12/24/13 10:05 A

That's what I plan to do; although I may be in the "elderly person" catagory this year. Still a nice thing to do. emoticon

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,458
12/24/13 9:45 A

anonymous acts of kindness.....especially to an elderly person.
If you want to turn someone into a little kid...leave a little something from Santa by their door on Xmas morning...a jar of preserves wrapped up with a bow...a little box of tea/cocoa...cookies....and don't tell them who it's will brighten their days for a while trying to figure out who did it. will know.

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ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (198,530)
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12/24/13 9:38 A


If you're feeling a little low this season, don't isolate yourself. If you're invited to parties with friends or family, get out of the house. Staying at home alone is depressing. Being with loved ones really helps.

I was laid off last year and at Christmas time, I still hadn't found a full time job. My family wouldn't let me buy them any presents because they wanted me to save my money. Presents I had bought for them (on sale), they made me return. That bummed me out. But, I still spent time with my family enoying Christmas dinner and a few too many treats.

And well, I'm not much of a religious person myself, but you might go to church. You might enjoy some of the Christmas services. check your area. Some churches also have holiday choral performances. That might help perk up your holiday spirit too.

OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (248,191)
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12/24/13 9:11 A

as we mature, Christmas evolves. It becomes more about giving than getting. If you are a Christian, it becomes more about the birth of Christ than commercialism.

maybe you are experiencing some 'growing pains'. Do something for somebody in need. You can help serve Christmas dinner at a shelter (or donate homemade desserts), donate to a food bank, volunteer at an animal shelter, donate blood, go to the bank and get $100 in fives and give them to random folks on Christmas Eve, bake some cookies and take them to the fire station.

Whatever means something to you - pay it forward. You'll find your own version of Christmas Spirit.

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MMK113 SparkPoints: (17,921)
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12/24/13 8:46 A

Baking cookies and making fudge for family and friends while playing Christmas music. Christmas Mass will be the "icing on the cake" MERRY CHRISTMAS !!

AGITATOR1 SparkPoints: (3,959)
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12/24/13 8:11 A

This spirit of Christmas lives within the soul. Feeding the soul comes within by reading the word of God on a daily bases

MLAN613 Posts: 18,821
12/24/13 8:00 A

Is anyone else struggling to find it this year? If you have found it, what helped? Or what drives you crazy when you are struggling to find it?

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