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I really like the foods that are considered "diet" foods. I still allow myself things that don't really help to lose weight so I don't end up having cravings. At the same time, I often use spaghetti squash instead of pasta, but I will still have pasta now and then. I usually use ground turkey instead of ground beef and find I prefer it. I will also use lentils instead of meat in some dishes such as chili and tacos. I expect to continue eating this way, but I will also allow myself pizza and ice cream now and then.

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It is possible to do really interesting things with cottage cheese, chicken breasts and salad.

Foods that are good for you and sustainable for a lifetime do not have to be boring...

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Absolutely. I'm a firm believer in not doing anything to lose weight that you cannot do for a lifetime. Diets (vs lifestyle changes) are basically something that you torture yourself with for a certain amount of time and then you give up and go back to your old ways. If you lost weight on the diet, it probably returns with a vengeance once you start eating like you were before.

A great place to start is to give your current favorite meals/recipes healthy makeovers. Then, work on portion sizes. So, I would (for example) not give up pasta, but make the switch to whole wheat pasta instead and then eat less of it along with more veggies. Like hamburgers and fries? Me too! But, I now use 93% lean ground beef. top it with a slice of lowfat cheese and some mushrooms cooked in a nonstick skillet without added fat, skip the other condiments, use a whole wheat sandwich thin as a bun and bake a measured portion of fries in the oven.

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Are there any you who based your foods and meal plans for a long-term healthy lifestyle and not just to lose weight? I'm not saying that foods such as chicken breasts, salads, and cottage cheese are bad. But that at times get old and boring and I find that people resort to it because they are foods diet plans suggest. But I want to plan meals to be a part my lifestyle and have variety in them.

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