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pretend your pot is your plate. when you're making curries, try to keep half of the curry vegetable. if you are serving your curry over rice try to use half as much rice as curry. in other words, you keep the proportions the same even though it's multiple items: half vegetable, a quarter protein, a quarter grain. if you keep the recipe that way, when you mix it up it should be about even through the whole dish. if you keep the balance ratio, figure you want a cup of veg, a half cup of protein and a half cup of grain so you would want to serve yourself two cups total of a mixed dish to get enough of each to count as a serving.

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On the rec of my doc, I've been working on eating a balanced diet, per what is, I guess, the FDA "choose my plate'. (I just thought it was her plan, hah!)

Anyhow, I've done really well so far, but all my meals have been pretty obvious "a scoop of potatoes, one chicken breast, a cup of fruit and green beans".

But now I'm tyring to actuallyl make things I like, like chili, lasagna, indian curries, etc.

I'm not really sure how you figure out how much of your "plate" is each thing (protien, good grains/carbs, veg and fruit). and then how to keep it "one serving" of each.

Any suggestions?

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