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3/21/13 7:34 A

For the healthy adult, the dietary cholesterol intake recommendation is: take in less than 300 mg daily.

For someone with heart health concerns, the recommendation is: take in less than 200 mg daily.

Hope this helps

Dietitian Becky

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3/20/13 7:09 P

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3/20/13 5:48 P

I am 66 and my range is also 0-250. So I would think anything within that range is OK, EXCEPT if you have doctor's orders for a different amount. There are so many factors in normal blood cholesterol profile. Our bodies even produce it naturally in addition to what's in the food we eat. Exercise can affect/reduce blood cholesterol also. Unless you have a problem with high cholesterol I wouldn't worry about it.

Good job staying within your ranges.

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I do fairly well about staying within the range that is listed on my food tracking thing (it's the end of the day so please forgive me if I can't think of the right word). The recommended range for me is 0 to 250. Is this a normal range for most people or is it based on things like your age and gender? Would this be adjusted based on the calorie range? I realize that some cholesterol is important, at least that is what I've read, but would it be better to keep it as low as possible? Is there a particular number that is are considered low cholesterol (when you are looking at the nutritional label)? Is milk really that bad for you in terms of the cholesterol? Even if it's 1% milk? I love milk. I guess you could say that milk for me is like beer and wine for others.

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