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2/21/13 11:12 A

You're welcome. I only watched it when I saw it on Facebook because my mom was recently told by her doctor that she had high cholesterol and to not eat meat unless a certain fish. Being that it was about cholesterol I watched it and sent her the link.. and tried to emphasize to her to eat less sugar! ;-)

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2/21/13 9:28 A

I watched your clip and although I agree that Dr Oz is not usually a great source of information, this clip is worth the watch. The biggest reason is that you get a great look at how the medical practice works. Drug companies provide the research to busy doctors. The research provided supports the need for the drug they are promoting so doctors have been "educated" about why this drug is important. Dr. Oz reveals in this clip how out of touch he is with all aspects of research.

I believe that you will be hearing more and more about inflammation in the coming months and years. We talk about pieces of the issues -- lower your refined sugar intake, avoid trans fats, get plenty Omega 3 oils, eat more whole foods instead of processed -- but never put all the pieces together related to inflammation and its influence on the body. I believe this Dr SInatra information will crack those discussions wide open.

Thanks so much for sharing this link. It was insightful information that I would have missed since I don't follow Dr Oz.

Coach Tanya

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2/21/13 8:37 A

LOL. I don't actually watch the show. I saw it on social media and watched the clip. And, I agree with you there that no doubt money plays a part in it. It is just interesting, to me.

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2/21/13 2:00 A

You "learned more" from a Dr Oz episode? I somewhat doubt that. His show is an entire hour long infomercial for whoever is paying him this week, and extremely low on useful healthy advice.

I would stop watching. It's not healthy and not educational to watch Dr Oz.

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2/20/13 8:24 P

Did anyone see the Dr. Oz show about the 2 doctors who studied/researched and wrote a book pertaining to what we believe about cholesterol being false?

Just sharing because I find it interesting. Whether or not there is truth in these claims I cannot say as I do not have the experiences or knowledge of a doctor/nutritionist. I did learn more about cholesterol just from watching though.

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