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6/19/12 9:43 P

Chocolate is pretty much a fetish for her... It's a forbidden love affair... It's all that she wants but should not want... Sigh. I don't think it has anything to do with her monthly. Her back is covered in cyst-like bumps and the creams and washes that the dermatologist has her use, do not work...

It doesn't help that her dumb boyfriend doesn't understand she CAN'T have chocolate, no matter how much she WANTS to have it... because she breaks out horribly bad from it... I don't demand she not have it. She is 19. An adult. She can do what she wants, but I feel horrible because I cannot fix this for her...

And her younger brother (he's 16) is starting to have the cyst-like bumps as well, but I don't think his is from chocolate... but rather hormones and sweating at work all day.

Thank you for your comment. I will bring it up to her, even though I am not sure it's what it is... I have asked to to keep a journal... I hope she has been, that way she can find a pattern.. or maybe a professional can find a pattern to all of this... Sigh.

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6/19/12 10:25 A

The only thing I can think of to do would be to compare ingredients lists?

I'm also wondering if her chocolate binges and her breakouts have a common cause such as hormones. My monthly cycle causes me to both want to eat and eat and eat (and generally chocolate is involved!), and also to break out. Fact is, no matter how clean my diet is, there is a point in my cycle where I will just get a big ol' cysty zit somewhere. If I keep my diet as clean as possible the zit will heal and go away in a shorter amount of time, but I've never not had this happen. So the chocolate and breaking out might be related, but not causal. It has become easier to deal with as I've gotten older, but as a teen and 20-something it was a nightmare.

I hope you figure it out!

6/18/12 10:30 A

My 19 year old daughter loves chocolate. It's been one of her comfort foods for as long as I have known her... She has been breaking out for many years, in huge cyst like pimpled all over her upper body after bouts of chocolate frenzied eating. I had her try gluten free chocolate one day, and she liked it. Said it tasted the same as regular chocolate. She went to the store and bought herself gluten free chocolate chip cookie dough and made a batch of cookies for herself. She ate the whole batch within a couple days and did NOT break out! Yeay! But then, went and started eating Teddy Graham chocolate cookie snacks.. and broke out again.

So my question is this... WHAT is in "real" chocolate that is not in "gluten free" chocolate that is making her break out... We do NOT eat gluten free, so she is not allergic to gluten.

I want her to be able to eat foods we eat and not have to deprive her... Yesterday was father's day and I made peanut butter cups and also S'more Brownies... and she could have neither. I made Banana Applesauce muffins, and she didn't like them... Sigh.

Please help!! Thank you!


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