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2/19/14 4:48 P

I say if you are going to eat chocolate don't do it after a workout, it sort of defeats the purpose, have a banana or a glass of milk or protein shake, advise from my personal trainer.

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2/19/14 4:46 P

I say no to using chocolate as a reward for working out only because you shouldn't reward yourself with food, even if it is only 54 calories. This has the potential to lead to using food as a reward for doing anything that you don't particularly like doing, like cleaning, for example. (This is purely hypothetical and might not apply to you, but I know that it does happen to some people.)

I know that rewards can be a good way to establish good habits like working out, and I have seen you post about reward charts/plans before, so I know that you like them. (And so do I!) A non-food reward that you could give yourself is money. For every workout you complete, you put $1 (or 50 cents or whatever) into a jar and save it for a bigger treat. For example, you could empty this jar at the end of the week and use however much you "made" during the week towards a new book or something like that. I understand that you currently aren't working, so you might not like this idea, but I thought I would try and help.

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2/19/14 4:18 P

Dark Chocolate is good for you.You need carbs about an half hour after so I say yes to chocolate.

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2/19/14 2:28 P

I've been looking at this video, and I must say, I'm intrigued.

Getting into an exercise habit, for me, is my biggest challenge. For the most part, my food is under control (though, I do struggle with special circumstances/events). However, I never stay in a workout routine for more than a day or two.

I understand that the purpose of eating a small piece of chocolate is to help the brain associate a workout with the same "feel good" feeling that eating a piece of chocolate gives you. I've tried reserving specific podcasts and audio-books for workouts only. I've set rules that I can only get my mango cilantro seltzer if I WALK to the store (over a mile away). I'm also allowed to get another flavored water (like Hint) if I walk back. (Although, the store no longer carries the seltzer, but that's another issue altogether).

I'm somewhat interested in giving this cue, routine, reward idea a try, but I'm a little uncertain as to how to go about this. To start, my schedule is not the most stable right now. I cannot always work out at the same time, so I'm trying to figure out other ways to get the cue portion done. I wear my walking/running shoes almost daily. Best I can think of is the act of changing into my workout clothes and strapping on my HRM, but I'm not sure if that even qualifies.

And then, there's the reward thing. The idea of having a piece of chocolate after a workout sounds great, and a little scary at the same time. After all, I reserve my sweet treats for bedtime. Plus, I've always heard that you shouldn't reward yourself with food. Granted, the chocolate I had in mind (sea salt and/or chili dark chocolate) is only around 54 calories for a square. And does your post-workout reward only need to be for post-workout? What if I decide I want chocolate as my bedtime snack on a rest day? (Granted, that's not likely to happen because my rest day is also the one day I don't have a bedtime snack).

Any thoughts on the whole thing?

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