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8/12/11 11:59 A

I question anything contains added sugar.

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8/12/11 10:17 A

BearClaw6: I recommend mixing your own. You can get something like Nesquick powder which has no HFCS and you can add as little/much as you want. And you could add it to no-cow milk or lactose free cow milk.

And, nesquick powder tastes good on ice cream, too (mix it into the ice cream to get something similar to a Wendy's frosty!).

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8/12/11 9:34 A

OK, I tried chocolate milk. I went on a 3-hour bike ride yesterday and was feeling pretty good but definitely tired at the end. I drank one of those chocolate milks you can buy in bottles from the store. I definitely perked up amazingly well after about 10 minutes, but my goodness that thing was a carb bomb. I think it worked, and I think I would do it again, but maybe only half as much (or mix my own so it has mostly milk sugar instead of added HFCS). Not a very good research study (just me, one time) but I am intrigued.

7/25/11 8:46 P

Yea, I usually just suggest a healthy meal or snack. But research shows that for many folks the chocolate milk goes down smooth and easy for quick recovery after an intense workout.

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7/25/11 7:48 P

Well, 4 teaspoons seems like a huge amount of sugar to me, but having just done the longest bike ride for me in over a decade, I kind of needed some recovery! I settled with watermelon followed by a chicken and veggies lunch. But, I would be willing to try chocolate milk if I find myself similarly tuckered out on another long ride!

7/25/11 6:26 P

Research has show chocolate milk to be a good recovery drink. It has the correct blend of carbs to replenish energy stores and protein to repair muscle. This SP article gives more info on what your post workout meal/snack should contain:

If you are concerned about the sugar in chocolate milk (about 4 teaspoons/cup), then mix your own or go 1/2 chocolate 1/2 white.

Hope this helps
Dietitian Becky

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7/25/11 2:56 P

Often. chocolate milk is basically a big ol' sugar bomb. I think you need to consider more than the protein content, but the sugar as well. If you are looking for a protein-rich snack after a workout, how about some cottage cheese. or any other cheese?

HEYBUTT Posts: 769
7/25/11 2:14 P

I'd say compare the protein in the milk to the protein in the powder AND look at your full protein intake for the day. If you are meeting your protein goals for the day with no problem, then I doubt you need to spend extra to buy protein drinks (the milk will be just fine post work out).

The one thing to watch with the pre-mixed chocolate milks are the sugar content. They can be crazy high. You might want to compare the pre-mixed with mixing your own (using something like nesquick powder, where you can use a bit less mix and reduce the sugar yet still get the treat--I found that the 2 TBSP/8 oz suggested serving on nesquick is very high, I prefer half that amount of powder which means less calories in the form of sugar).

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7/25/11 1:47 P

I need some help. I read somewhere here that chocolate milk 3:1 ratio comes close to a protein shake 4:1. I bought me a whole gallon of the lowfat stuff. It does tatse way better than the Vanilla 100% Whey Muscle Milk stuff. Does anyone have an insight to this? My p90x says to drink a protein recovery shake within an hour of excersing. Thanks for the go at it. Sharon

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