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12/6/12 2:04 P

thank you. Yesterday started with wanting no bake cookies and I did so well but as stress added on I did binge on the soup and candy bar- I felt sad afterwards because I really didn't want them but I didn't make the right decision. Right now I need to go cold turkey on the junk food I can eat dark chocolate plain with no sugar baking cocoa that fills my chocolate craving but I know what I did last night was over my emotions. I cannot control my cancer and neither can any doctor but cancer has been controlling me using my emotions and sugar and junk in my trunk so to take back the things I can control would be to stop emotional eating. I really like the advice on how to respond to individuals when they have stepped where I don't want them to. Today I realize I need to put boundaries on different areas and how I handle myself. Thank you again I truly appreciate the comments.

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Personally, I don't believe a person should deprive themselves of something they really want to eat. In past, when I've done that, it's set me up to over eat everything else later. I've found that if I had just had a small portion of whatever it was I wanted, that would have been it.

Spark People isn't about deprivation. It's all about moderation and portion control. If you think you might binge eat chocolate, then the chocolate does need to go UNTIL you're ready to portion control it. One thing I new when I decided I wanted to lose weight was that I didn't want to give up chocolate. I didn't want to give up cheese either. I knew I was eating too much and needed to watch my portions.

Do you think you could portion control that dark chocolate ? If so, allow yourself a small portion so that you don't feel deprived. Also, have you been eating fresh fruit ? If not, I too am going to encourage you to increase the amount of fresh fruit and veggies you eat.

One reason you may find yourself craving chocolate is because you are deficient in other areas. If you're not eating enough during the day, that will cause you to become ravenous later. If you haven't been eating enough fresh fruit or veggies, do your best to try to eat more.

Eating more fresh fruit can help you decrease your cravings for refined sugar. The natural sweetness of the fruit will give you an energy boost. The FIBER in the fruit will help keep you sated. Eating foods that are high in fiber can help keep you full for longer. So, if you're not eating enough high fiber foods, that too can help decrease your cravings for sugar.

How long have you been trying to cut back ? If you're new to watching what you eat, it is going to take time for your body to adapt to the new changes. Many members will tell you about the withdrawal symptoms they had when they cut out things like refined sugar, caffeine, etc...

So, you may just need to give your body more time to adapt. But, do try to eat more fresh fruit and veggies. that will help you decrease your cravings and your waistline.

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12/6/12 12:06 P

If someone asks you uncomfortable questions or raises subjects you don't want to talk about, say politely but firmly, "I would rather not discuss that." If they persist, say "Please respect my wishes." And if they keep at it, walk away. They are the ones being rude, no matter how well-intentioned, not you. Please protect and stand up for yourself. The eating appears very connected to the situation. Next time, change your response and see if your reaction changes. You have absolutely no obligation to answer this person's questions, and if the person can't respect your wishes, is it worth worrying about if you "offend" them or hurt their feelings. They certainly aren't showing any concern for yours.

When it comes to chocolate, sweets and sugar, I have very addictive behavior patterns. Once I start, I can't stop, so I just avoid it. I know some people make such treats part of their calorie plan, but that just doesn't work for me. It just lights up something in my brain and I lose control and want more and more. I tried the one piece of dark chocolate a night, but the rest of the pieces just call my name. I don't bring it in my house and avoid eating it except for special occasions. I'll have some holiday goodies on Christmas. I had pie for Thanksgiving. I have cake on my birthday. And during the summer, I may have some ice cream.

Just adding this because their is not a one-size-fits-all solution. I know other posters have listed ways of indulging, but perhaps that won't work for you. Have you ever tried just going cold turkey?

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So this is my shame stick. Yesterday I drank the baking cocoa mixed with warm water; I can drink that without sugar as bitter to so many it helps with the chocolate; I think I really was low on magnesium and vitamin deficient. After drinking the cocoa I realized I was hungry it had been several hours since I ate. I ate string cheese for protein and a banana for the potassium. Dinner time I ate the planned meal of potato soup to get my vegetables in and carbohydrates. We were having dinner with a group I ate the second bowl I should not of. Then on the way home I ate a dark chocolate snickers; it didn't even taste good but it was like my brain was saying this is what you do- a bad habit. Not only was I comfort eating I think I was somewhat emotional eating because someone at our church last night was asking a lot of questions about my cancer that I didn't feel comfortable answering. I don't mind admitting that I have cancer but its not something I want to talk about unless I choose to bring it up, is that wrong?

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12/6/12 6:57 A

Thanks for posting this universal cry for help. The Swiss miss sugar free hot chocolate is good and I thought the tip on cocoa powder was interesting. For me, it's almost an AA thing, one piece of chocolate is too many and 10 is never enough. If I can just walk away, I'm better off. Your post is helping me remember what works, because I tend to forget during the holiday time!

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12/5/12 11:22 P


Here's how you can get your chocolate and fruit in at the same time - and no guilt!

Slice an apple, or a pear, or my current fave, an Asian pear into thin (less than 1/4") slices.
Put 2 tbls good quality Dutch process cocoa and a 1/2 tsp of cinnamon in a bowl and dip your fruit slices in that. Delicious, and I love that I can get in a serving or two so of fruit.

The fruit sweetens up the cocoa - you don't even need sugar.

If you have a spice store near you (Penzeys, Savory, etc), try their cocoa & cinn (I use the Vietnamese cinn as it's super pungent and strong). It's worlds away from the supermarket kind. That might be why it works so well at staving the Chocolate Beast.

See's also makes an excellent sugar free dark chocolate bar. Yumm! They also have a SF milk chocolate bar, too. Not everyone's into the sugar-free thing but when I have a craving, it's my go to. AmberLyn also makes fantastic sugar free chocolate treats but you have to get them online if you don't live in Utah. Just don't go nuts and eat a lot - as w/ any SF stuff.

Good luck!

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12/5/12 4:08 P

it really is more a chocolate thing my vitamins might be low so I will try a warm glass of baking chocolate with water see if that works. Thank you both of you. I did close my recipe book and walked away from the no bake cookie idea.

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12/5/12 3:54 P

I have a crazy sweet tooth too! Try making a cup of fruity tea. Sometimes that works when I am craving something sweet.

My other solution is to plan my treats the way I plan other meals, so I get to indulge my sweet tooth sensibly. Complete deprivation never worked for me and I would always go on huge junk food binges. Now my rule is that I have to make it from scratch and I pre-cut or package the treat into portion sizes based on the recipe yield as soon as it is cool after baking, so I avoid what I used to do, which was cut 1 piece that contained 3 or 4 serving sizes.

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12/5/12 3:52 P


Last week I was listening to a nutrition video presentation and the presenter recommends that whenever someone has a chocolate craving to add cocoa powder (the kind you bake with) to some yogurt or even add it to water in a blender and crush ice (you can add some no-cal sweetener). He said the increase in serotonin from ingesting the cocoa powder along with the magnesium can squash a craving in no time.

Just a thought...

Coach Nancy

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12/5/12 3:44 P

I have been lowering my sugar intake and I am craving dark chocolate, and sugar. I almost made no bake cookies but realized I will eat more than one and one would be sensible but my craving is not in a sensible mood. My stomach does not need the sugar but my mouth is saying bite me!

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