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5/25/13 10:00 P


I started seeing a sports chiro for a calf issue last fall and have consistently seen him since then--not so much for treatments but for injury prevention. After taking my ACE personal trainer exam, I truly appreciate the philosophy of a chiro when it comes to working up and down the kinetic chain, not just the location of the issue. My tight calf issue was actually caused by a weak glute medius--once we got that strengthen, I have been doing great.

As my running coach tells me every day--keep your hips strong and the body will follow--consider the hips your foundation of healthy running.


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5/23/13 3:10 P

Thanks for the input everyone!

I actually made the leap and went to one last night. I went to a practice that sponsored a 5K a did a few months ago... the practice is a husband and wife duo who specialize in athletes (and are athletes themselves!). The practice seemed to have a lot of positives so I figured I'd check it out.

I told the doc my story... peroneal tendonitis injury from running... my hamstring clicks whenever I walk (one the same side of my body) and has been going on for at least a year... I've had scoliosis since I was young teen... yadda yadda. He did his workup (felt like I was in a strange partner pilates class) and told me that I do seem to be tighter on the left side of my body (poss. due to my scoliosis) and I have a lose of flexibility in my injured foot/ankle.

He wants me to see him 2x/week for a few weeks. I'm going to keep a positive attitude about it and hope it works... and doesn't take too much time! I've spent so much on co-pays for the podiatrist with this foot injury already!

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5/23/13 9:47 A

I used to be of the "you will never get me near a chiropractor" state of mind.

I LOVE my chiropractor.

Here is the thing. CHiropractors are NOT MD's. However, they spend more time (in their classes) studying anatomy and the human body than actual MD's. This is accurate. MD's have to study treatments and drugs and how THEY interact with the body. Not just the body.

When my daughter was 8 months old, she fell off my bed. She was fine, just a little shaken. (She landed on pillows). I worried, but nothing seemed to happen. Then, about a month or so later, she got her first ear infection. Then she got another before that one was cured. I kept taking her to her MD. Antibiotics after antibiotics were prescribed. After 2 months of non stop ear infections, her option from the MD's was tubes. It was a month before the ENT could see her. My sister had gone to this particular chiropractor all through college (we were both college athletes) and still saw him. When she was pregnant, the chiropractor told her if her child ever got an ear infection to bring her in. So, I decided that there was NOTHING else I could do. I had to wait anyway. So, I took her. She was just a tiny baby. I was honestly scared. My chiro told me exactly how the body works, how babies have a tendency to get ear infections, and how antibiotics don't work, and most MD's won't prescribe them anymore for ear infections. He adjusted her. He recommended that I put her on a probiotic (after all the antibiotics) and I did. Probiotics take time to work. So does chiropractic care. I had a follow up doc appointment with her, and her ear infection was still there, but she also was vomiting and having all of these problems. It was terrifying. So, the MD said that she needed another antibiotic for the ear infection, but the problems she was having was C-Dif. It is an imbalance in your body caused by antibiotics killing all the good bacteria. The next day she had a chiropractor appointment. After speaking with him about everything, he said the probiotic would help and he adjusted her again. Her vomiting and etc. was gone. I found out how the MD;s treat C-DIF. They prescribe a very high probiotic and then a daily one. So, treatment was what I was already doing. I talked to my chiropractor, and I knew that day that HIS knowledge was better than my MD's. I trust his advice. After MONTHS of my baby being very sick, she was starting to THRIVE. She got healthy and happy and hasn't had an ear infection in more than 8 months. She is doing so well that she doesn't have to get adjusted except every two months. And we avoided surgery on her.

My husband was having incredible neck pain, the chiropractor alleived it some, but recommended a nuerosurgeon, because he knew that he needed more care. He did. He had to have a cerebral fusion on 3 discs.

I think why I tell you that entire story (which I apologize for it being so long) is that if you can find a GOOD chiropractor, one knowing the limitations of what they can do as well as the limitations of the MD's, then you will have a find that is worth it.

I would use my Chiro as my PCP if I could. He is wonderful.

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5/23/13 9:15 A

I believe chiropractors definitely have their place, but there are huge differences in the quality and philosophy of each practice, so be sure to do your homework and ask for referrals from anyone you know who uses one. From your post, I'd say look for one that leans more toward sports therapy/rehab.

I have had experiences with 4 chiropractors and 2 rounds of physicial therapy since a car accident injured my shoulder and lower back. The physical therapy was definitely beneficial, but rather impersonal since I never saw the same person twice. They gave a lot of good advice and taught me exercises that I used for a long time in my recovery.

With the chiro's, I LOVED my first one until I changed jobs and insurance. The second was pretty decent but I noticed he sold a lot of supplements and other junk--that really turned me off. The third would only do adjustments, no electrode or roller therapy--I sometimes spent less than 10 minutes in her office and felt like I was being shortchanged. She specialized in sports therapy, so I did get some really good advice from her. The one I'm seeing now would get a B+. She's an athlete and about my age, so we understand each other pretty well. I want one of those roller beds for Christmas---I could lay on that thing all day emoticon

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5/23/13 8:53 A

Love my chiro. I would use him as my primary care physician if my insurance would let me. under his care I haven't been sick in three years. My allergies are under control without drugs, my energy levels are skyrocketing, i sleep better than I ever have before and I can prove that I am at 100% function. i have no evidence of disease in my body.

I know when I need an adjustment. Just know when I am out of whack. my chiro did more for my plantars faciatis than the podiatrist did. My chiro did more for my migraines than my PCP did. My chiro did more for my general health than any medical doctor that i EVER had.

he shows me nutrition, he shows me how to maximize my oxygen, he helps me decrease toxins (and no I do not do detox diets),

I don't need glorified drug pushers even though MD's do have their place.

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5/23/13 6:23 A

I get an adjustment on my back because my muscles get so tense - afterwards I get a massage!

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5/23/13 6:09 A

Everyone has their own take on chiropractors. I am of the "wouldn't let one touch me with a 10 foot pole" school of thought. If I need to see a physician, I will see an MD specializing in what care I need. I have seen too many bad outcomes at the hands of chiropractors over the course of my professional life to ever want to see one. And, no, I am not an MD so I have no vested interest in my opinion.......

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5/23/13 4:18 A

my chiro charges $29 a visit - he does not accept insurance, cash or check only

I love him. If he wasn't married, and I wasn't involved, I would marry him if for no other reason that to have him put my hips back where they belong!

I got usually once a month. My hips pop out of joint because of exercise, and he puts them in for me. Also, my neck muscles tense up and cause me migraines. He helps with that as well

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5/22/13 12:21 P

Does anyone see a chiropractor to help with/prevent injuries? I am considering going to see one as I hurt my foot running (Peroneal Tendonitis) to help prevent it from recurring and other injuries from occurring. I am curious if anyone has seen and benefits by going to one and, if so, what benefits? Also, how often do you have to go? The potential cost of seeing one is making me hesitant to try it out.

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