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BIKERBABYZ Posts: 2,260
6/29/11 12:29 P

I hear you on the illegal part.... to be honest, I don't even take many "qualified" people's advice about weight loss. I know what works for me and what doesn't, and know that the best advice is my own advice. I listen to others and try it out if it sounds like something up my alley, but I don't act on it just because they are "certified" or "registered".

Then again, I have also heard better health advice from my workout buddy (who has no special training, degrees, or certifications) than my PCP!!

It does make sense that the chiropractor can help alleviate pain so that one can actually exercise without pain...

Thanks for all your input Sparkers!

ANARIE Posts: 13,192
6/29/11 12:21 A

In many states it is actually ILLEGAL for chiropractors to treat you for weight loss. They have no training and have a bad reputation for selling bogus weight loss products. If the chiropractor is also a Registered Dietitian, go ahead, but if s/he is just a Doctor of Chiropractic, don't take his or her advice any more seriously than you would take your postal carrier's or your plumber's. Frankly, I would run away from any chiropractor who tried to treat anything except back or joint pain. That's what they are legally licensed to do.

6/28/11 6:09 P

I do a lot of yoga and back exercises I learned in PT (after I hurt my back). It makes me feel better every day. With a well aligned back you are better supported for exercise and I believe it helps your digestive system as well.

KEELYME Posts: 1,162
6/28/11 6:00 P

A chirporactor can make it easier or more comfortable to exercise, particularly if your back is tight or out of alignment. I've had problems with my back and neck due to sitting for long periods of time studying. Exercise definitely alleviates the problems, but I treated with a chiropratcor for a while just to get to the point where I could exercise.

BIKERBABYZ Posts: 2,260
6/28/11 11:43 A

Aloha SparkWorld...

I was just wondering if anyone had any success with chiropractors and losing weight?

I've been reading alot about how your body functions and can't function when everything is out of alignment, such as your spinal cord, nerves, and nervous system. At first, I thought chiropractors were not real doctors and that it was a bunch of mumbo-jumbo holistic crap... but I caved and went three times to the chiro now and feel a million times better already.

Granted, it could be mind over matter, and it could also be just the fact that I am getting over a nasty cold... but I've been stuck in a rut, a self-induced rut and just not losing weight. I feel energized and motivated.

Has anyone had success with going to the chiropractor & losing weight? Or just me?

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