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7/9/13 9:11 A

Since PF Chang's has their nutrition listed, I use it as a guideline.

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7/9/13 8:21 A

the thing to remember with chinese is that it isn't the main [the vegetable/pork.chicken/beef/shrimp] that makes the big impact, it's the sauce and the add ins. i mean, isn't chow mein the one that has the crunchy wonton noodles mixed in? or is that chow fun? either way you want to avoid the crispy and crunchy "noodles" that come in a dish that already has noodles in it. and you want to try and find the lightest sauce of the bunch that you happen to like. those are the keys.
take a look at pei wei's info for a good example of this. the difference between the calories in beef [typically the highest cal] and shrimp [typically the lowest cal] is less than 100 cals per dish and portion. whereas the difference between the ginger broccoli and the lo mein is much greater. the ginger broccoli shrimp is 190 cals per serving, while the shrimp lo mein is 520 cals per serving. steak and chicken in the lo mein will run you 540-560, while steak and chicken in the ginger broccoli will run you 260-290. and just to round it out the vegetables and tofu in the ginger broccoli runs 280 while the lo mein runs 550.
and that's what i am drawing those numbers from. the prep makes a little more difference that which main you choose.

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7/9/13 7:55 A

ah, cool. Yeah, I am definitely going to reduce my frequency to once every 4-6 weeks. It's just too many calories even if I do think I'm making a healthier choice by picking the vegetable chow mein!

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7/9/13 7:22 A

the number one thing to remember about chinese food is that it was designed to be served family style. my local place to get takeout serves rice, a small rice, in a 22 oz container. the regular portion of ma po tofu [without the rice] comes in a quart container. if you bought a quart container of soup at the store would you assume that was one portion? while we tend to order our own "portion" of food, we're ordering our own portion of food that is supposed to be feeding four people. and that portion should be divided into quarters in order to get anywhere near an actual portion of food as it is supposed to be. i always figure that the total bit they give you with rice is going to run around 2000 cals. so if i eat 1/4 of that, that's 500 and that's workable. when i finish up the rest, i load it up with whatever vegetables i have on hand. so if i got chinese tonight and had 3/4 of it left tomorrow, i would cook up several leaves of cabbage and a cup of zucchini and squash and add that to 1/4 of my chinese to help bulk it out and reduce the impact that it's going to have on my day while still keeping me full.
unless you have a chinese place that uses unusually small containers [an 8oz or a 16oz for example] and that you can tell they go really light on the oil i would say that every week is a little too often to have chinese. not that you can't have it at all [by all means, make your own fried rice at home and load it up with veggies], but eating it out can really add up if you're doing it that frequently.

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7/9/13 7:00 A


I usually treat myself to a cheat meal on a Friday or Saturday night, and my dish of choice is Chinese.

I've been looking online to try and work out the calories, but it seems impossible. With dishes, they give a 'serving size', but as everyone knows, the Chinese takeaway doesn't stick to healthy portions! I order the vegetable chow mein. I also get mini vegetable spring rolls on the side, and it comes with some prawn crackers.

I'm guesstimating this at about 1500 but now I'm terrified it's a lot more :/

Any ideas???

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