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3/4/12 11:38 A

I don't think this is a temperature thing; the room where we do these exercises is very warm, and we're on mats.

I don't quite understand what you mean about popular ab exercises, though? This is a class, and we almost never do the same exercise twice. Heck, our instructor makes UP new moves on the fly sometimes. ;) We work all muscle groups over the course of a half hour, and it's a large variety of moves. You name it, we've done it.

I just wondered if any one else had experienced this. I certainly never have. :)

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3/4/12 2:22 A

Well the new popular is to jump over all the popular ab exercises and just do planks because said exercise is supposed to hit all the necessary muscles in one go- but if just doing them.. Think about it your pumping muscles doing other exercises and the blood is circulating around to give oxygen to the body and you dump down bum still on the floor- there is actually time to cool down and start feeling cold thus goose bumps especially if wearing mimimal clothing like I do to avoid overheating...

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3/3/12 12:37 P

My guess is " endorphin rush"....goose bumps are initiated by the central nervous system..CNS and not always due to cold....She is excited, high heart rate, sweaty could cause the condition..something in her genetic blueprint...

Just guessing....I would think that she would welcome the feeling rather than complain about it..I think it would be a rush..

Edit 1....As you know, slamming your abs causes some pain....that pain would initiate the endorphin release as well as the exertion...

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3/3/12 12:13 P

Okay, this is a question one of my gym buddies had, and I promised her I'd ask here.

When she does intense ab workouts, she complains of chills, as in, she gets goose bumps when she works out her abs! Everyone she's asked (including me) at the gym says no, they've never heard of that... including the trainers.

So I figure I'll cast the net wider. Has anyone ever experienced this, or known someone who has... or is my buddy just a weirdo? ;)

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