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PUNKYB830 Posts: 5,295
8/13/08 3:42 A

My sister did this last year and their theme was dressing as chili peppers and I think she got an award for her costume.

PICKIE98 SparkPoints: (554,445)
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8/12/08 4:04 P

Another idea is HEE HAW.. if you are all brave, wear checks and ahem,, daisy dukes,, ahem..
IF you are really ambitious or the company would pay for it, you could rent one of those dunking booths for the guys who get too hot eating the chili!! OR for the losing cooks!! I am sure yours will win!!!
Tubs of ice will do the same without the showmanship!!!Lin

AMARANTHA Posts: 7,053
8/12/08 3:59 P

PICKIE98: The hunter/farmer outdoorsy theme is neat, perfect for fall! Thanks for that idea.

AMANDA324 Posts: 443
8/12/08 3:49 P

Just expanding on my GAS idea.
You could call your booth the Filling Station and dress in station attendant jumpsuits.

OK I'm going a little overboard.

PICKIE98 SparkPoints: (554,445)
Fitness Minutes: (282,992)
Posts: 48,875
8/12/08 3:48 P

I hosted a cook off like that one year: My theme was "Great Outdoors". Since the veggies in the chili were grown outdoors and the meat was hunted outdoors(or farmed, if you don't use wild game like we did), I made venison and beef chili,, no fat, very healthy and organic!!
People either dressed as hunters or farmers! I made johnny cakes, homemade bread, garlic toast and tortillas,,,
wore bib overalls and a straw hat,, table decorations were raw veggie trays with all the ingredients of the chili except the venison!
I had celery, peppers of various colors, onions(scallions), tomatoes, la fresce dia, chili ancho in dip,,,
put out bowls of shredded cheddar, scallions and sour cream to top the chili,,
had tortilla holders in the middle of each table,, to hold the warmed tortillas.
Used burlap bags for tablecloths, some were camo for the venison lovers...
even put scallions and celery in taller glass mugs for "flower arrangements".

Next to my homemade hot sauce, I put a fire extinguisher and ice buckets!!

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AMARANTHA Posts: 7,053
8/12/08 3:34 P

I live in 100-degrees most of the year and right now everyone is doing beach or luau themes, they do chili cookoffs more in July, so maybe you could do a cool beach or Hawaiian kind of chili thingie ... hmmm, what would Hawaiian chili taste like or look like ... good, I bet.

At any rate, have fun.

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8/12/08 3:29 P

Since chili is hot, you could go with a friendly devil-ish theme. Horn headbands and sexy little red tank style leotards (or the like) with tails. Maybe a symbolic pitchfork too emoticon
other idea would be nymphs with garlands or head wreaths of peppers (dried or fresh)

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8/12/08 3:24 P

Babes and Beans! haha

AMANDA324 Posts: 443
8/12/08 3:11 P

How about "Make Your Own Gas!" Chili so full of beans you'll make enough gas to power your car!

SCHEEL1430 Posts: 728
8/12/08 11:59 A

I've been voluteered as the head chef to cook (but not eat) chili at our company chili cookoff this year. Our team is struggling with a theme and costume ideas. The team is 6 women. The cookoff is outside in 100 degree weather. Anyone have any ideas?

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