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6/5/13 4:16 P

When you use the frozen chicken breasts, one good way to keep them from drying out is to actually boil them to par cook them, then finish in a frying pan or on the grill...

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6/4/13 11:51 A

I like to make what my husband calls Chicken Pasta Surprise. It's super fast and super easy. A great week night dinner with plenty of leftovers to take to work for lunch the next day.

Cook your favorite pasta to al dente. Cut the chicken into 1-inch chunks and saute with some olive oil, garlic and onion. Add whatever veggies you have in the fridge to the skillet (zucchini, mushrooms, bell peppers, spinach). If I have broccoli or frozen spinach I will cook that with the pasta when it has about 4 or 5 minutes left. I don't like to do dishes so I use as few pans as possible. When the veggies are close to done add a can of diced tomatoes (I like to use the italian seasoned ones or fired roasted). Sometimes I even add garbanzo or cannelini beans. Then toss with the pasta and season to your liking. Sometimes I just add basil and parmesan or italian seasoning and crushed red pepper.

For me this dish is never the same twice. That's why my husband calls it Chicken Pasta Surprise. If the pan isn't too full, I will turn the heat up to med-high after adding the pasta and fry it a little to give the cooked pasta a little crunch.

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4/29/13 8:03 P

Oh, and I forgot to mention McCormick Grill Mates!! They are marinades that come in packets and you all you do is add the water, vingar, oil, or whatever the directions say. My favorites are Carolina Country, Mesquite, Brown Sugar Bourban, and Chipotle Pepper. They also have others such as Baja Citrus, Mojito Lime, Zesty Herb, Tomato Garlic Basil, the list goes on and on. Even my kids love them. I use the marinade when I grill chicken and when I broil it...either way is great! The packets are cheap..I usually buy them on sale when they are a buck : ) So there are many flavors to choose from, they make chicken delicious, and its inexpensive!

4/24/13 10:48 A

I LOVE chicken! There are so many ways to cook it. My biggest problem is that I have one family member who is a vegan, and one is extremely allergic to anything with gluten. So when I cook meat meals at home, usually the meat has to be separate. But it's really easy with the internet to find new recipes to try.

I also like to dice some cooked chicken up and put it on a salad to add protein and make it more filling. Although beans do a great job of that, too. Then there are sub sandwiches, like you'd get at Subway. You could do plain or marinated chicken pieces or chunks, just like Subway does. Teriyaki chicken is fairly easy. I've always wanted to find a sweet and sour marinade that doesn't add too much sugar or calories. But without resorting to artificial sweeteners, that's probably not going to happen.

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4/24/13 12:19 A

Spark has some pretty good chicken recipes but I get a lot of my chicken meal ideas from emoticon

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,764
4/22/13 11:45 A

chicken roll-ups/pin wheels. Pound your chicken breat flat and add a slice of ham with swiss cheese or stuffing, roll the chicken and use a toothpick to secure the ends, brush with a beaten egg or olive oil and bake for 30-45 minutes at 375. Rest for a few minutes then slice.

4/21/13 10:44 A

Have you thought of fish or Veggie patties. I Alternate mainly because i don't even really like chicken breast, but its a really good source of protein. Then again, so is fish and veggie patties and you can do so much with em. Try Cod fish. It has a really good meaty flavor. Not hard to cook. Grills really easy and goes with any veg. Hope that helps.

4/20/13 9:37 A

I use marinades.....either find them on pinterest or wherever online OR, we really like the bottled or dry mix ones from the store (look near the BBQ sauce and the gravy mixes). They can be very salty so I use less than recommended but I find that skewering raw chicken (even frozen), then putting the skewer into the bag and leaving it for 4-8 hour results in really good, quick meals. I just pull them out and put them on the grill. Then, I depending on the marinade, I grill fruit (teriyaki), peppers (mojito lime or chipolte), zucchini and squash and mushrooms (italian) add and salad and dinner is DONE!!!

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4/14/13 1:08 P

My husband suprized me with chicken breast on the outdoor grill with a little orange marmalaid with a small bit of bbq sauce (Sweet). Not too much..just enough to taste...

SNOOPY1960 Posts: 1,687
4/13/13 5:26 P

Saute boneless skinless chicken breast with a can of Rotel diced tomatoes with green chiles !

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4/2/13 4:55 P

I really like using panko bread crumbs (Japanese-style bread crumbs) - they stay nice and crisp and remind me of fried chicken. I usually mix it up with some spices (Italian seasoning and pepper), spread some dijon mustard all over the chicken breast, and coat the chicken breast with the bread crumbs. I bake it on a wire rack to keep it nice and crispy.

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4/2/13 1:59 P

Another chicken idea I have done. A can of Pillsbury Crescents, chicken, diced tomatoes, fresh spinach, feta or mozzarella, or goat cheese.

Cook chicken. Dice it into small pieces.
Lay a little bit of all ingredients on to a crescent and then roll.
Cook until crescents are lightly browned on top.

My kids loved this meal.

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4/2/13 1:50 P

I found this recipe on pinterest. Crockpot Hawaiian chicken.

Throw some chicken, BBQ sauce, and a can of pineapple sauce into the crockpot and cook on low until done. About 6 hours. I also cook some Basmati rice to throw the chicken over. My family loves this meal.

You could also make some shish kabobs on the grill. If you have kids they might like to add their own veggies, fruit, and meat to the kabobs.

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4/2/13 12:43 P

This site has some good diet recipes for buffalo mac n cheese, slow cooker enchiladas, cajun chicken pasta, general tso's chicken, etc.

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3/31/13 12:52 P

Rolled Chicken Breasts

I pound chicken breasts until they are flat so I can roll them easier. I sautee Spinach let it cool and add feta cheese crumbles with a tad of olive oil and minced garlic and mix together then stuff the chicken, roll & secure with toothpiscks. I spread the rolls on a cookie sheet then spray lightly with Olive Oil and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes or until cooked through. Sprinkle with a little black pepper if you like.

If you dont like Feta use ricotta instead.

Chicken in America is injected with sodium to make them look plumper and so is most packaged frozen chicken breasts, I search the labels on fresh chicken for the least amount of sodium added. Check the labels.

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SNOOPY1960 Posts: 1,687
2/23/13 10:15 P

Italian Chicken

1 pound boneless skinless chicken cut into bite size pieces
1 green pepper chopped
1 onion chopped
2 cloves garlic chopped
1 14.5 ounce can diced tomatoes

Cook the chicken in a bit of olive oil, when done remove from the pan and keep warm.
Add in the onion, pepper and garlic and saute 5 minutes. Add back the chicken and the can of tomato. Heat until bubbly but not boiling.

Serve over angel hair pasta !!

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2/23/13 5:14 P

You can also cut them into smaller pieces - cook them on the stove in a little olive oil, some salt and pepper.

Now, make a salad. You can put anything in it you want.

I have a metal bowl - I put a tortilla in the bottom of it (to make it shaped like a bowl) and I bake it until golden brown.

Take some black beans, cut fresh tomatoes, garlic, salt, pepper, some cumin (if you have it)

I make my own vinaigrette - but if you have a favorite salad dressing - like Italian, that would be okay too. Pour a little (only a little on the salad) - just to add flavor, not to drown it.

To make your own vinagrette - put a bit of olive oil in a bowl and a bit of vinegar (I prefer balsamic vinegar - but any kind is okay) - add a 1/2 tsp of honey mustard - a sprinkle of sugar. Mix well and add to the salad.

Now - take the salad bowl (the browned tortilla) - put the beans in the bottom. Layer the top of that with the salad and then sprinkle on the top with the chicken pieces (or you could have added it to the salad to begin with). If you need cheese - sprinkle a bit of cheddar on the top - I sometimes also use feta cheese (because of its strong flavor - a little goes a long way). It tastes just delicious without the cheese though.

It is actually filling and very tasty - I promise!


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2/23/13 5:07 P

I pound chicken breasts down to make them cook faster. Blend up some cheerios (we have kids and that was all we had at the time - and it worked, but you could use breadcrumbs) with spices - things like garlic, parsley, a bit of salt and pepper. I dredge the chicken in egg whites and then coat with the breadcrumb mix. I then spray the pan (you could use a little olive oil if you wish) and just brown the chicken. When all the pieces of chicken are browned, I put them in a baking dish and pour a jar of tomato sauce over them. You can use fresh tomatoes that are blended - you could use canned tomatoes blended - or you could just buy spaghetti sauce, but make sure it is a healthy one.

I then boil some whole wheat spaghetti. When the chicken is done baking (the sauce will be bubbling) - I make a plate of the spaghetti and place a piece of the chicken on top with a bit of the sauce. I would never have guessed that you didn't need a lot of sauce - but it is just the right amount. I just started making this recently and my family really loves it!

Hope this helps!

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2/15/13 1:47 P

Be inventive - make something you and your family like that uses another protein and use chicken instead - it almost always works. Chicken works well with almost naything you put it with. try chicken chili, chicken sloppy joes, chicken spaghetti sauce, etc.

Even my husband approves.

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2/15/13 1:01 P

I am the queen of the chicken breast LOL Here's a ton of recipes that I've tried and liked... some I did using a different recipe builder so I don't have a record of actual weights I used, so you might want to double check the calorie amounts, but the ones where I list the actual weights are pretty accurate:

Orange Honey Mustard Baked Chicken Breasts - 5oz serving is 215 calories (I cut the recipe into thirds, and cut my 2 chicken breasts in half lengthwise to make them thinner so they would cook faster).

Baked Chicken stuffed with Pesto and Cheese - A large 8oz serving is 483 calories, you could cut that way down by cutting the large breasts in half lengthwise, or using smaller breasts. I use seasoned breadcrumbs instead of the almond meal:

Cajun Chicken Pasta - nutritional info is listed on the site

Red Chile Chicken and Rice - nutritional info is on the site

Skinny Chicken Pesto Bake - nutritional info is on the site

Chipotle Glazed Chicken with Sweet Potatoes - nutritional info is on the site

Lemon Chicken - I have calories down as 239 but didn't write what size chicken I used

Broccoli and Cheese Stuffed Chicken - nutritonal info is on the site

Mustard Glazed Chicken - I don't have nutritional info but it's not bad, most of the glaze ingredients are very little calories

Key West Grilled Chicken - Again I don't have nutritional info but it's not bad at all. This is a great marinade.

Lighter General Tso's Chicken - I have it as 325 calories including the snap peas, but not the rice. I don't have exact weight of chicken, but I did double the sauce ingredients.

Chicken and Broccoli Noodle Casserole - nutritional info on the site

I also often will add chicken breasts chopped up into pasta dishes that don't otherwise have meat in them. Many pork chop recipes can be swapped out for chicken too.

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2/15/13 11:30 A

Sauté some spinach in a little olive oil with salt and pepper to taste, chill and drain off liquid. Add some crumbled blue cheese. Take a knife and slit the chicken breast. stuff the spinach mixture into the breast. Brown the breasts on all sides and bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. The spinach keeps the chicken moist.

PBOELSING Posts: 121
2/14/13 10:12 A

My husband says fried chicken is the best. I am using skinless and olive oil to cut the fat. There are certainly a lot of great ideas here. I've got to do a search on Arabic Shawerma - I have no idea what that is. Thanks for posting this question - I ask it all the time too. emoticon

LOUNMOUN Posts: 1,334
2/14/13 12:11 A

If you post the kind of things you usually do with chicken or the kind of spices you have on hand it might be more helpful.

You might find useful for finding recipes based on what you have available.

We like Indian, Greek and Mexican style chicken dishes at my house. They can be very flavorful and healthy. If you already have things like cumin, garlic, oregano and ginger you might find these very frugal but if you don't have many spices already it might cost more initially.

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2/13/13 2:01 P

Some of my favorites from Sparkrecipes:

honey mustard chicken with roasted veggies- I dumped it all in the crock pot on low for 6 hours. Delicious!

honey balsamic chicken- i don't like vinegar, but the bitterness is cooked off in this recipe.
garlic brown sugar chicken
slow cooker salsa chicken- serve over rice, as a taco filling etc

slow cooker chicken and vegetables- I used chicken broth, some curry powder,s+p and turmeric instead of the onion soup mix

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2/13/13 11:41 A

try Arabic Shawerma its a good mix of veg and chicken

GOOSIEMOON SparkPoints: (239,392)
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2/8/13 2:12 P

Try Pinterest - there are tons of great recipes there and you can search for low fat recipes too!

SPKRAUSE Posts: 543
2/8/13 1:38 P

The good and the bad about chicken -- and turkey! -- is that as we find it in most stores (too young, not very flavorful, mostly skinless white meat) it's bland. The good? It goes with anything. The bad? On its own it gets boring quickly.

For variety with chicken you have two philosophical and practical directions to go: highlight the chicken or make it a replaceable component.

As to the latter:
- curries (Indian or Thai)
- other soups and stews
- paella
- casseroles, enchiladas
- burritos, tacos, fajitas
... you could use chicken, pork, or tofu here and barely notice a difference

As to the former:
- burgers (depends on how you season the chicken)
- something schnitzel-like or closer to Cordon bleu or Chicken Kiev

To highlight the chicken, though, you're better off with the whole bird, so that you can:
- roast it whole (with lemon-butter and garlic under the skin with parsley? yum!)
- fry it (even skinless to reduce calories & fat)
- Coq Au Vin (basically braised in red wine)
... and make chicken stock and the like from the bones.

Some of these are a bit more involved, but I think even with something that *sounds* involved, like Coq Au Vin, if you have a slow cooker it becomes much less time-intensive for you! With flavorful curries there's no boredom involved for our tastebuds.

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2/8/13 9:46 A

What are you doing with the chicken?

Maybe you can try adding chicken to a recipe for something else rather than having chicken as the main thing you eat. For example, instead of having baked chicken with vegetables, make a chicken paella, or a casserole with diced chicken in it. Or as someone has already stated, chicken tacos or chicken enchiladas.

This will also make your chicken last longer and go further.

1GROVES2 Posts: 10,391
2/8/13 9:20 A

You could do fajitas or shredded chicken tacoes.....there are a lot of chicken recipes on SP....just put "chicken" in the search box

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
2/8/13 9:11 A

Do a recipe find on this site. They have lots of chicken choices, but they may also have other things that you can try.
You can also google chicken recipes. I am sure you can google inexpensive recipes as well.

2/7/13 10:39 P

It is really hard to eat healthy and eat cheap...why is that????

Do you have a farmers market in your area? When I'm running out of ideas, I like to go there and get really good veggies and that usually helps me get some ideas.

Do you use a crockpot? There are many good crockpot chicken recipes.

I also love to do chicken stir fry and greek style chicken kebabs.

If you are trying to look for some non-chicken alternatives, it really gets tough. Seafood and beef are both going to be even more expensive than the chicken!

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2/7/13 6:30 P

So i bought two huge boxes of frozen breast because they were on sale and a lean meat!
The problum is i'm having a hard time finding cheap, healthy but most imported recipes for good tasting meals! My family gets bored of the same old thing so i have to really switch it up.
Please gimmie some good ideas!

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