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PAPRINIKA Posts: 2,015
1/30/10 10:36 P

I personally eat the thigh more than breast too. But remember to remove the skin! :)

FITWITHIN Posts: 25,860
1/30/10 8:52 P

I do the chicken breast I find it's more versatile for me.

PAULINE1123 Posts: 13,683
1/30/10 4:38 P

I think they are both good depending on how they are being served. Breast do better in salads, thighs do better for stewing because they hold their flavor and tend not to dry out as fast as the breast.

JULIEN* Posts: 5,331
1/30/10 4:16 P

The leg has a lot more skin, no? Just a guess. : ) I'm also a thigh girl. I think they taste so much better and the calorie/fat difference is so minimal it's worth it to me to eat what I think tastes good.

MAJOOD85 Posts: 935
1/30/10 3:45 P

So... whats the difference between chicken thigh and chicken leg... i noticed that the chicken LEG has a lot more calories then the chicken Thigh...?

1/30/10 11:13 A

I cook both because of family preferences. I just remove skin, & cook in a healthy way. The thighs are fattier, but are flavorful, & don't dry out like breasts. But breasts are ideal for many recipes.

1/30/10 10:45 A

the only reason I always eat chicken breast is because my family dislikes chicken legs and thighs. But i do like them if i can have them

CARILOUIE SparkPoints: (94,856)
Fitness Minutes: (75,391)
Posts: 5,489
1/30/10 10:33 A

The thigh has more flavor, so I usually eat that. I eat breast meat when I'm making chicken fingers or chicken salad, though.

1/30/10 9:41 A

I like the thigh best too! I think that as long as the skin is removed and you cook it healthily, go for it!

RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
1/30/10 12:50 A

thigh or breast all good stuff- remove the skin and excess fat..

123456123456 Posts: 1,259
1/29/10 6:46 P

I think it's bc of the fat. I prefer the thighs only for certain cooking methods. I love eating thigh meat when it's roasted or slow roasted. I prefer CHicken breast when it's grilled or in a stir fry.

I eat both. I feel that since I am making choices for life, I am going to eat what I like and not what others tell me I should. It's a chicken thigh, not a cup of shortening. If you like, eat it. Plain and simple.

MUM-BUM Posts: 644
1/29/10 6:40 P

Just had chicken thighs tonight. I tend to choose based on the cooking technique rather than absolute calories. As long as you hit your ranges you will be fine. If something needs to cook for a while or stew, I prefer the thigh, but if I can quickly sear I choose the breast which would get tough if stewed.
I personally have the most trouble getting enough fat in my diet, so the thighs are often helpful to hitting targets.

ZOOLOVER Posts: 6,649
1/29/10 6:01 P

That's beauty of this program you can have what you want as long as you are accountable for what you eat. So have the thigh and enjoy eating it. Just be aware that is higher in fat, but I agree with you they do taste better, probably for that reason but they may make you feel full longer.

KLEVERKIRA Posts: 1,099
1/29/10 5:24 P

Chicken thighs are also slightly smaller than breasts. Breasts are leaner, but I like the flavor of thighs better as well.

SUMSUMS SparkPoints: (14,846)
Fitness Minutes: (10,312)
Posts: 1,456
1/29/10 4:54 P

Dark has more fat, but it doesnt really matter as long as you track and stay in your range. Eat what you like.

1/29/10 4:51 P

You can have the thigh.
The thigh is dark meat which is slighly higher in fat, but still a great choice...especially when you remove the skin and prepare using lean cooking techniques.

Dietitian Becky

MAJOOD85 Posts: 935
1/29/10 4:39 P

So.. I dont really get it... when on a diet i always hear dont eat the thigh just eat the breast... its better... but i was looking at the calories and the thigh is only 10 calories more then the breast... So why cant i have a thigh... since i personally think it Tastes so much better then the breast?

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