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1/17/11 8:14 P

Isn't it terrible how misleading food is at restaurants? I'm starting to get so suspicious of foods. I love Potbelly's sandwiches (do you know that restaurant?) I swear their turkey breast sandwich tasted like crack to me. So yummy. And then one day I checked the nutrition information for the sandwich and I saw 98% of recommended daily allowance of sodium in ONE sandwich! Well anyhow, it sounds like you took it all in stride and didn't let it throw you off your healthy eating habits. Oh, and I agree with Slasalle that fresh fruit is usually a good choice. Or the sandwich, like you said, because you can always eat the whole thing, pull off half the bun or just eat the chicken.

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1/17/11 8:05 P

Thanks for the info! I THINK Chick-Fil-A has fresh fruit (alone) on their menu, don't they? I've been fooled like this before, so always try to revert to a salad or fresh fruit alone.

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1/17/11 8:01 P

Didn't plan on eating at the mall today but my son was "starving!" When we ordered at chick-fil-a I saw the yogurt parfait and thought that would be a good snack....holy cow....290 calories!! I could have had a Chargrilled sandwich for the same amount!

Also, when I went to add it in my food tracker tons of people entered it 240 (with is the parfait with cookies) not 290....just an FYI.

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