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8/25/11 11:46 A

Chia seeds are definitely the more natural option. I too think they are great, highest plant source of omega fatty acids and great source of fiber; that is better than artificially flavored soy or whey protein.

8/24/11 1:20 P

I love chia seeds. I don't soak them, I just add them to things. I put them in my oatmeal every morning. I'm also a big fan of putting them in smoothies- I just toss them in at the end and blend for a bit. They mostly remain whole, but I like the texture it adds. I also like adding chia seeds to things like yogurt and cottage cheese.

I also sometimes add protein powder as well, but I have yet to find one that does not make the smoothie less delicious.

LAURIEANNIE1 Posts: 2,203
7/28/11 6:20 P

Swill chard is very good in a smoothie. We are huge fans of smoothies around here and I try to change them up everyday so we don't get too bored with them.

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7/28/11 12:51 P

you could also add greens to your smoothie such as kale or spinach. Mixed with fruit you don't even know that you are drinking veggies. I usually make up to a 32 oz smooothie every morning and it takes me all the way to lunch.

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7/28/11 9:43 A


7/28/11 9:38 A

Thank you for all of your comments! I'm actually eating the chia seeds for the first time right now. I added soaked chia seeds to my cereal and it's awesome how they're tasteless! I'm going to try making a smoothie later and I think that grinding the chia seeds would be a lot better that way I won't get chunks from the seeds, but I'm pretty excited! I also think I'm going to try doing the half protein half chia seeds idea just to add a little more protein and see how it tastes...lots of ideas for these chia seeds I have to start working at!

7/27/11 9:51 P

You may find some helpful info about chia seeds in this daily spark article:

Dietitian Becky

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7/27/11 3:38 P

I use both.

I use a half serving of each and I grind the chia seeds in a spice grinder before I add them in. ( i also use flax seeds sometimes the same way)

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7/27/11 3:32 P

I couldn't handle the full "scoop" that comes in the container of protein powder. SO I just add 2 TBSP to my drink. It gives me a LITTLE more than without it.

Since you are looking for more breakfast ideas:
I read (have not tried yet) greek yogurt and add a packet of cyrstal light drink mix to it. MAKE SURE TO MIX WELL. But it gives you any flavor you want.

found a recipe to make protein bars on sparkrecipes that I need to try yet.



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7/27/11 2:39 P

I haven't put chia seeds in smoothies, but I do put a teaspoon on top of my greek yogurt most mornings. I also put in some fruit and walnuts or almonds and I'm good until lunch.

Other days I'll bring a green smoothie with me, which consists of almond milk, frozen mango, banana, protein powder (I use a plant-based formula) and a handful of greens thrown in the blender as well (like chard or kale).

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7/27/11 2:25 P

I'm not really sure about Chia Seeds. I have done the whole protein powder thing in the past and I never really liked it. Have you ever thought about getting up earlier to eat breakfast at home? I thought I would share my breakfast which I've been eating every morning for a little over a month. It's easy! It's fast! I eat half a grapefruit, and 100 calorie plain nonfat chobani yogurt. I mix cinnamon and calorie free sugar to taste. Also might eat oatmeal if I think I might need more energy in the morning.
Another idea is a juicer!!! On your commute to work why not drink veggies and fruit? Yeah juicers are kind of expensive but just an idea.
Sorry I went off topic, I just get excited about breakfast. Good luck!

7/27/11 1:31 P

I'm a huge fan of chia seeds! I use 1T. chia seeds in my pancake every morning.

If I were putting them in a smoothie I might grind them into chia meal before adding to the smoothie (vs. soaking). Not sure how well they'd incorporate if they were soaked whole. It might work though...have you tried it like that? I'm wondering if they blend in or if they sort of suspend like berry seeds.

7/27/11 1:27 P

I have been trying to change up my breakfast routine for the days I work, I always have a hard time eating protein for breakfast. (I save time with a 30 minute commute and eat while I'm driving). I used to make egg sandwiches (and fruit), but I found out they were the cause of my heartburn. (I just can't eat eggs first thing in the morning, I can eat them at lunch with no problem) I have been eating peanut butter toast (and fruit) but I'm getting a little sick of it, plus peanut butter does not come out of clothes very well when I drop my toast :P

So anyways to my question...I have been thinking of incorporating smoothies into my breakfast routine. I would like to have protein added into it. I have flavorless protein powder that I have used in the past, however, I did not like it added into juice. I also happened to receive a small package of chia seeds to try, I've never used them before. Would I get a good amount of protein from using the soaked chia seeds or should I just try the protein powder? I am thinking the protein powder has more protein, but since I didn't like it before I'm a little wary and chia seeds seem to be more natural than protein powder.

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