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8/1/14 10:33 A

Yesterday was a real mixed day for me. A friend tried to verbally bully me so I wouldn't leave a longterm tabletop game we'd been playing for a long time. I stood up for myself but it left me really frazzled and I overate at the buffet with my friends, unlimited ice cream isn't good when you're over emotional. Did get well over my 30 minutes of exercise in so it wasn't a complete bust but I know I ate to much and I'm a little disappointed in myself. Going to try and do better today

7/31/14 10:48 A

I've been fighting with my weight for a long time now and have made several great victories towards self love and health. I've lost quite a lot of weight from what I used to be at worst I remember being recorded was 450. However it's been more than just a scale or body fat I've done battle with, loving myself, fighting depression, accepting myself and coming into my own identity have all been very hard for me. I am an overweight transexual female with depression and self esteem issues to boot. I've come into my own lately and I'm hoping keeping this journal will help me stay on track and expressing myself will lead to something good. My last weigh in was 310 (up from 280 this time last year), my goal is 200 pounds by the middle of next summer not because of any self image I'm lovely as I am, no for my health simple as that I love being active and I want to do more active things, I want to run, I want to dance, I want to do parkour and weight is a hindrance to that, therefor it has to go. Here's to the future and making it a bright one

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