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8/8/11 2:59 P

I did them with dumbbells on a bench. The other exercise I did that day was shoulder squats and presses...crunches. Then I did my jogging that evening.

8/8/11 1:55 P

How did you do the flys. on a machine or with dumbbells on a bench? The chest fly machine can cause muscular stress due to the unnatural way of doing the exercise.

8/8/11 1:25 P

Sometimes people can get costochondritis from exercise, which is inflammation in the rib cage. But it usually doesn't involve pain radiating to the back.

What other exercises did you do Saturday?

8/8/11 12:49 P

I did go to the doc- they were unable to find anything. I started to wonder if maybe it's inflammation from the chest fly reps...

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8/8/11 12:27 P

no one can really say for sure. It might be something as simple as letting your arms open too far, or it could be more serious. See your doctor.

8/8/11 11:52 A

I am curious to know if anyone else has experienced chest pain in the middle of your chest? Not acid reflux or heartburn, but actual pain. I did chest fly reps on Saturday and then did my C25K running. After running I thought I sounded a bit weezy- only when I took in big breaths and let them out.

But this pain has me wondering if I just did too many reps? It radiates through my back too.

I did go to the doc- to be sure I wasn't having a heart attack. They couldn't find anything. emoticon

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