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9/19/12 7:42 P

Thanks for all the input!!!

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9/19/12 7:34 P

I think everyone has pretty much covered it. The only other thing to consider is what you have available, whether you are working with a partner, and what you feel comfortable with. When one doesn't have a spotter and they are lifting pretty heavy, they should use a machine for safety sake. While they won't do as much all around good as free weights, they also won't drop on your head when you mess up. LOL

I mix up my exercises and do what I know works for me and with what equipment I have. As most have pointed out, this particular exercise is for the Pecs and simple pushups will do better than most all the other gimmicks. And if you look around on this site or google, you'll find plenty of different ways to decrease or increase the body weight or intensity. Keep the faith.

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9/19/12 6:19 A

I do both (although to be honest I don't use the machines, I do the flat bench press and the incline bench press) because I enjoy the exercises. That's also why I do regular pushups, decline pushups, and incline pushups. If you don't enjoy them, you don't need to do them all. Just pick the one that is more fun for you. (Between the two, I'd always go with flat bench press as I think it is a more effective exercise, but your chest will get stronger with the incline too.) And if you can do pushups (even modified pushups) those are better than the machine in my opinion. I would say pushups are best, then the bench press, and lastly the machine.

If pushups make your wrists uncomfortable try using either heavy hex dumbbells (the kinds that have six sides and don't roll) as handles while you're doing pushups, or you can get "pushup stands" which are little handles you put on the floor to grip. Some people may think these are a crutch or not the best way to do pushups but they can help a lot of people go from hating pushups to enjoying them.

If you only feel comfortable using the machine and don't want to do the others, then definitely do the machine. I'm not against them, just mentioning all the options :)

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9/19/12 3:18 A

Use both of them on alternate days. Even slight differences could help your body not settle in a be satisfied with your workout. I agree with one of the posters. Free weights can be more affective. You could include them in your rotation on different days. Change helps you not get bored.

9/19/12 2:46 A

"How do I decide which to use?"

Hmm, Coke or Pepsi. If i HAD to choose between the 2 chest machines, i'd go with the non-inclined one, because it works a larger section of muscle (more muscle = more calories burned).

But try to avoid seated machines whenever possible, because they don't simulate how our body is used in the real world (multiple muscle groups working together as a team). I would mostly use freeweights, or bodyweight or standing cable machine exercises. I compiled a list at the link in my profile.

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9/18/12 12:06 P

whatever version of pushups you can do trumps any machine, as it works the core as well.

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9/18/12 11:58 A

I don't see any bodybuilding competitions in my future. LOL! Are there advantages of using one machine over the other? I'm just looking to tone. How do I decide which to use?

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9/18/12 10:52 A

They work the pectoral group in slightly different ways, and unless you are training for a bodybuilding competition, you don't need to do both.

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9/18/12 10:03 A

Last night while I was working out at the gym, I realized that 2 of the machines I used basically do the same thing. Can anyone tell me what the benefits are of incline press vs. upright chest press? Should I use both machines or just one?

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