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MS_LEESA_G Posts: 29
4/23/13 8:04 P

Thanks everyone for the good ideas... Bunnykicks, I think buying a kitchen scale is now on my list :)

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
4/21/13 4:07 P

"have no idea how much it weighs"

Ahhhh this is where a kitchen scale comes in soooooo handy. If you don't have one, well I don't suppose you'll go racing out to buy one "just" for this cheesecake... but... I highly recommend you put it on the "must-have" list and make acquiring one a priority.

With a kitchen scale, you weigh your slice, and there is an item in the nutrition database for "cheesecake" that is measured per ounce. Voila, easily-estimated cheesecake-calories.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,325
4/21/13 3:20 P

you do have to look at what you are getting and what you are trying to compare it to. i would say that for the grocery stores and bakeries around here, the 250 number is what i would go with provided i was eating no more than 1/8 of the 9" cake. cheesecake factory isn't exactly know for portion control and one of their pieces of cheesecake being roughly equal to two regular pieces sounds about right to me. if your plain cheesecake was particularly tall [think a 3-4 layer cake instead of a 1-2 layer cake] i would probably go with a middle number like 500.

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,329)
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4/21/13 2:12 P

I would count it as *500 cal, not worry about it, and bake my own (100cal/slice) next time.

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SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (256,477)
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4/21/13 3:35 A

I think it would be one of the very few days that I don't count the calories but put into my spreadsheet that I had heaps. The difference between recipes can vary hugely. I guess you COULD ask the Bakery if they can provide a breakdown. I have done this with our Supermarket with their in-house bakery. They use big commercial bags of ingredients and know the weights of what they use - they need to for consistency of their products.


CORTNEY-LEE SparkPoints: (67,852)
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4/20/13 9:44 P

Well... My suggestion is to look up Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes and see if they visually compare to the cheesecake you are eating. Then think about the ones you buy in the grocery store and see if it compares to that. Pick the one it is closest to

MS_LEESA_G Posts: 29
4/20/13 5:08 P

So planning of having a piece of plain cheesecake at my friend's bday party tonight. I bought the cake at a cuban bakery, have no idea how much it weighs, what they put in it or any nutritional info -- just that it's a 9" cake.

If you look at SP "commercially prepared" cheesecake cal count it's 256.8 per slice. If you look at Cheesecake Factory's "plain" cheesecake it's 710 cal per slice. Quite a difference!

Any hints or help on how to count the calories in one slice of this cheesecake would be greatly appreciated.


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