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12/27/11 11:13 P

I'd love to jump in too, if that's okay. I'm Sue, mom of 3 from NJ. My biggest issues are willpower and motivation. And emotional eating, too. I really could use some help and support with that. And I'm looking forward to helping all of you too.

The problem for me is that I know what to do. And I know how to do it. I've lost about 50 pounds before. I've just had issues in my life like job loss and a very difficult teenage daughter, and I use those things as an excuse to eat. And I know they aren't excuses, I just start to feel sorry for myself and I eat.

Thanks for letting me vent for a few. I look forward to hearing from you! Happy New Year to all!

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12/27/11 11:03 A

I am going to jump in on this one I just found it so I have to run to work ,but starting tomorrow morning I will be on .Thanks for posting this thread

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12/27/11 9:48 A

Week 6 Day 2
Morning Weight: step away from the scale young lady. After last night, I won't weigh.

Goals for the day: No excuses today. No parties to go to. Eat at the low end of my calories and exercise.

Expected challenges: My bad attitude is getting in the way.

Mood/energy level/feelings: Not really feeling the motivation like I have in the past.
Plan to keep me on track: Water, salad, and eggs

At the end of the day I will edit the post to add my
Calorie total: 1308
Fitness total: Big Fat ZERO
Unexpected challenges: 2 sick children, turned our would-be active day together into a veg on the couch and watch movies all day kind of day. It was nice and snuggly, but I got in no fitness.
What I did wrong: Skipped lunch, then at bed time when I knew I still had calories left to eat, I used them up on junk, like candy.
What I did right: Stayed within my calorie range, and logged.
How I feel/felt: It was a nice relaxing snuggle day with the kids and dog.

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12/26/11 9:39 A

Week 6 Day 1
Morning Weight: 155.0 -- Time to start fresh.
Goals for the day: To remember my goals. Get in my water and stay within calories.

Expected challenges: Chanuka party at my sister's. After two days of Christmas feasting I was hoping to avoid party food for a few days. No luck there.

Mood/energy level/feelings: Feeling a bit defeated by the scale, but my new Perfect Portions food scale and my Zumba wii game inspired some new motivation.

Plan to keep me on track: weigh EVERYTHING I eat and stick to veggies and fruit when I can't.

Calorie total: A lot more than I should have (didn't even log the pita chips and hummus)
Fitness total: about an hour of Just dance.
Unexpected challenges: Latkes
What I did wrong: Ate the Latkes before finding out how many calories were in them. I had 4 1oz latkes, for a total of about 400 calories. YIKES!
What I did right: tried to be accountable (even though I left out the pita chips).
How I feel/felt:

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12/24/11 11:41 A

I made some really bad choices yesterday and I'm regretting them. Time to make a change in my life. I am going to abstain from alcohol for 3 months. After that point I will reassess and see how I will move forward. As for the holidays, I'm taking a break from my check in but I will still try to log.

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12/20/11 6:21 P

Week 5 Day 2
Morning Weight: 153.0 Up from last week. Blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol
Goals for the day: Busy day no plan. Lots of walking, though.
Expected challenges: Where will we be stopping for lunch?
Mood/energy level/feelings: Ready for our annual trip to see the Santa at Macy's and all of the holiday sights in NYC.
Plan to keep me on track: Go for healthy choices.

Calorie total: Didn't log.
Fitness total: Walked all day but didn't log.

Unexpected challenges: Lunch at a do-it-yourself pay by the pound style deli. No clue how to log it.

What I did wrong: Didn't even bother trying to log.

What I did right: Drank water, made smart choices. Filled my carton with bean sprouts, salad, cucumbers, and one stuffed grape leaf with some artichokes. In daughter's carton I added one sushi roll (it had some kind of fish in it and veggies) and some pork (about 4-5 oz). Drank lots of water all day.

How I feel/felt: Tired. Not hungry even though I haven't eaten since 12 pm today. But it is still early, so maybe I will have a little something later on tonight.

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12/19/11 5:15 P

Week 5 day 1
Morning Weight: Didn't weigh in this morning (even though it is my day). I'll do it tomorrow. My weekly calorie average: 1593 (over by 43, not too bad, not too good).
Goals for the day: Didn't set any.
Expected challenges: No plan for dinner.
Plan to keep me on track: packed veggies to snack on at work. Keep a positive outlook that what I wish will be mine.

At the end of the day I will edit the post to add my
Calorie total: 1285
Fitness total: 0
Unexpected challenges: NA
What I did wrong: NA
What I did right: NA
How I feel/felt: NA

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12/18/11 12:44 P

Week 4 day 7
Morning Weight: 152.4 That is my penance for last night's discretion.
Goals for the day: Get back on that horse. Stay within calories. No beer. No candy. Just food to live and sustain.
Expected challenges: Tree trimming party. I need to have snacks available for my guests.
Mood/energy level/feelings: Still feeling guilty about last night, but I was accountable and I am ready to move on.
Plan to keep me on track: Veggie platter, Chili.

At the end of the day I will edit the post to add my
Calorie total: Edited because my guilt got the better of me and I decided to retrace my steps and log as best I can. I came up with 1243. Can that be true? I really only ate 1 meal today, but I grazed a lot so I don't know how accurate that is. I did my best to estimate how much bread I ate.

Fitness total: FAIL again. Didn't even take the dog for a walk.

Unexpected challenges: Cooking all day for my tree trimming party. Also, I found a diamond I lost back in September and I almost didn't believe it so I had to run out to the jeweler to make sure it was what I hoped it was (IT WAS!!). I did that during my dog walk time so we didn't even get that in today.
What I did wrong: Didn't log. Didn't even try.
What I did right: I decided to fess up and not just ignore my check out.

How I feel/felt: I feel amazing knowing that my unwavering belief that this diamond would turn up came to fruition. Honestly it appeared out of the blue in a place I look at every day and vacuum at least a few times a week (which means close to 100 times since I lost the diamond). I know tomorrow I will regret the "freebie" day I gave myself today when I have to weigh in. Water, water water before bed. Early morning walk tomorrow for penance. The scale won't lie.

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12/17/11 12:46 P

Week 4 day 6
Morning Weight: 151.6 (yay!)
Goals for the day: Water, Work out, watch what I eat!
Expected challenges: Not much food in the house. No kids to cook for. Need to make sure I still eat at normal intervals.
Mood/energy level/feelings: Feeling tense in my shoulders.
Plan to keep me on track: Already exercised, also need to clean the house so that will be a few more calories burned.

At the end of the day I will edit the post to add my
Calorie total:2347--totally gave in to a late night binge of beer and chocolate
Fitness total:181 calories 61 minutes
Unexpected challenges: movie night with my husband. I gave into my temptations.
What I did wrong: Went for the 2nd and 3rd beer, then for the chocolate and popcorn.
What I did right: Up until my binge I did pretty good. I drank all my water.
How I feel/felt: guilty. After a big loss, why did I have to go and blow it.

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12/16/11 7:35 A

Week 4 Day 5
Morning Weight: 154.0--insert tear emoticon here :(
Goals for the day: Water, stay within calories
Expected challenges: Kids class holiday party, going out to lunch after their concert. Christmas vacation starts for them after school today.

Mood/energy level/feelings: Stressed out, a bit. Excited for the kids concert but having to buy teacher gifts. The house isn't ready for Christmas and we need to put our tree up this weekend. So much to do, so little money to do it. :( I just want to eat drink and be merry and forget about the spending money part of Christmas.

Plan to keep me on track: Ate breakfast so I won't feel the need to munch at the party. Will make a smart choice for lunch. I will go for a run to burn off some stress.

At the end of the day I will edit the post to add my
Calorie total: 1500 (and that is counting a 3rd--and final--beer I haven't opened yet)
Fitness total: 15 minutes walking--to and from my kids school for their concert. Didn't log it.
Unexpected challenges: Went out to eat. Craving beer and kids are with the grandparents for the weekend so I gave in.

What I did wrong: Not enough exercise. After kids left it was all about singing Karaoke to the dogs--4 hours of singing! I wonder if that burns calories? The simple joys in the life of a mom.

What I did right: We went out for lunch after the kids concert. I ordered a what was supposed to be a sandwich with salmon and chipotle mayo--BUT I asked if I can have it on a Whole Wheat Wrap. They didn't have whole wheat wraps but even having it on a white wheat wrap saved a lot of calories. We ordered 2 small plates of fries and spit it with everyone ( I had 10 and they were so so so good!). We left most of the fries on the table so I am proud of all of us! I only ate half my wrap even though I definitely had room to finish--but I was past the point of feel hungry so I stopped.

I had the second half for dinner. AND I drank water with lunch instead of diet soda! I can't believe I ate out, and had beer today and I still managed to get my carb, fat, protein proportions pretty darn close to perfect-and my calories in range!!!

How I feel/felt: I'm feeling good. There is nothing like listening to children sing holiday songs from around the globe to put your heart in a nice warm place. Then to sing myself, it feels as good as laughing to me! I know I will pay for these beers, even though they are within calorie range, alcohol always slows down my progress. But it is worth it tonight. And on Monday when I am disappointed with my scale I can look back on this journal entry and say, "well, I did have a good night, but now it is time to get back to loosing".

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12/15/11 7:36 A

Morning Weight: 153.8 (I think I need to stop weighing myself every day. This depressed me).
Goals for the day: Water and exercise are my main focus.
Expected challenges: Overwhelmed with life stuff. Losing focus.
Mood/energy level/feelings: Still motivated but there is too much to do. I need to try to carve out time for weightloss despite my crazy to do list.

Plan to keep me on track: Dinner is already made. Will make smart lunch choices in the cafeteria (nice salad bar where I am working today). Already got some walking in. Walked to work and will walk home, in addition to my dog walk this morning.

At the end of the day I will edit the post to add my
Calorie total: 1855 (YIKES not expecting that!) It was Lunch I know it!!
Fitness total: 1 hour 24 minutes 322 calories

Unexpected challenges: Lunch in a full service cafeteria included in the assignment I took today. Hit the salad bar and was going to get a little grilled chicken, but the line was so long I went for the burger and fries instead.

What I did wrong: Didn't log my dinner before I ate it. If I did that I would have know I was serving myself too much. If I didn't have the burger and fries at dinner I could have handled the dinner portion I served myself, but my high calorie lunch left me with much fewer calories to play with for dinner and I did not take that into account when serving myself.

What I did right: Exercised. Still working on the water. Logged it all, even though I'd rather turn a blind eye at this point.

How I feel/felt: Upset with myself for going over. This is the type of day that I would like to waste on a high calorie day. But like I always say, as long as I logged it wasn't a failed day.

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12/14/11 7:21 A

Morning Weight: 153.4
Goals for the day: Get in my water!!!
Expected challenges: Not motivated.
Mood/energy level/feelings: ho-hum I know what I need to do and I know I can do it but I'm just not excited to do it right now.
Plan to keep me on track: make a salad for lunch. Fill up my water bottle. Rice and Chicken for dinner.

Calorie total:1221
Fitness total: 0--Zilch--Nada (but the day isn't over yet so I'll try to squeeze some wii in).

Unexpected challenges: Waning motivation. Poor planning. Bad timing with getting all the elements of dinner together.

What I did wrong: Lots of snacking today.

What I did right: assess my hunger level and didn't keep eating even though I have the calories left for it. Chicken is still cooking even though we already ate the veggies and potato. I'm full so I will save the chicken for tomorrow.

How I feel/felt: Overwhelmed by everything! Messy house, lots of Christmas todos. Torn between picking up work for more money and taking time off to get the house ready for Christmas. Sick husband. AGGHGHHHGHHHGHHGH! All I want to do is have a grown up drink or 10!!!! But I won't. I won't. I won't.

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12/13/11 5:14 P

Week 4 Day 2
Morning Weight: Didn't weigh myself today.
Goals for the day: Late getting to this, no goals today.
Expected challenges: Lots of unexpected circumstances. Flying by the seat of my pants today.
Mood/energy level/feelings: Frazzled.
Plan to keep me on track: None today.

Calorie total: 1369
Fitness total: 50 minutes 153 calories (wii fit)

Unexpected challenges: No plan at all today. I'm lucky I stayed within calories despite my total lack of planning.

What I did wrong: No planning. Ate pizza for dinner. When I eat pizza it is impossible for me to get in my protein minimum and still stay within calories. Now I see why it is such a bad food choose.

What I did right: Stayed within calories.

How I feel/felt: Tired and cranky. I have a headache and just want to go to bed.

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12/12/11 10:22 A

Week 4 Day 1
Morning Weight: 152.6 Lost 4.4 pound so far!
Goals for the day: Correct my ills from yesterday by pumping up the exercise!

Expected challenges: It is soooo cold. I don't want to do anything but drink hot chocolate and snuggle on the couch.

Mood/energy level/feelings: Cold. Had 2 cups of coffee already which means I will be crashing soon.

Plan to keep me on track: I'm not working today. I have no excuses. I'll turn on the wii and get to work. Then I will get dinner in motion so I won't have to deal with it later, when I'm tired.

Calorie total: 1616 Over by 66 calories. Edited because I kept eating. Now I feel gross! Edited again because I realized instead of putting in 1 hardboiled egg, I entered 1 cup of hard boiled eggs. What a relief. I'm not as over in calories as I originally thought.

Fitness total:435 calories 2 hours 52 minutes (wii fit)

Unexpected challenges: I feel like a bottomless pit today!

What I did wrong: kept eating!

What I did right: lots of exercise.

How I feel/felt: Tired and still craving food, although I'm not really hungry. Edited after I kept eating. Now I am tired, and stuffed and feeling disgusting. I should have just gone to bed instead of having a just one more bite, which led to 2 more bites.

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12/11/11 8:21 A

Week 3 Day 7
Morning Weight: Holding steady at 152.8
Goals for the day: Get in as much fitness as a can given my busy day. Drink my water!
Expected challenges: Making Tamales for Christmas at my moms which means I will be spending hours and hours, and hours around food. I love this tradition, but I am sure to have a bit of the munchies. I'll try not to snack and only have 1 (to taste test of course).
Mood/energy level/feelings: Feeling festive and excited.
Plan to keep me on track: Rather than driving we will take the train, that means walking to and from train stations which will be a total of about 2 miles. I might even go for a run when I get there if the mood strikes me.

At the end of the day I will edit the post to add my
Calorie total: Didn't log for most of the day, but today, after retracing my steps and logging after the fact I think I ate 1827 calories
Fitness total: About 30 minutes walking around 127 calories. I had the kids with me so I was walking at a slower pace and got a ride from the train station to my parents house. Kids were troopers.
Unexpected challenges: Log wait for a train transfer without a place to eat lunch led to snack bar munching. Also I picked a lot while make tamales. And the egg nog. Oh the egg nog.
What I did wrong: Gave into every temptation
What I did right: Very small portion of wine. That is about it, though.
How I feel/felt: It was a fun day, spent a lot of time traveling. The train was not at all convenient in this case.

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12/10/11 8:27 A

Week 3 Day 6
Morning Weight: 152.8 Looking good for Monday's official weigh-in!

Goals for the day: Get in my fitness--yesterday's and today's workouts.

Expected challenges: DD has two birthday parties today so I will be running around a lot. Still have to get presents. Eating on the run is a temptation I need to resist.

Mood/energy level/feelings: Loving my scale today. I am ready to get out and move today.

Plan to keep me on track: Make sure I don't leave the house with an empty stomach so I'm not tempted to eat on the run.

At the end of the day I will edit the post to add my
Calorie total: 1545 (edited due to night time hunger pangs which triggered me to eat a hearty dinner)
Fitness total: 1 Hr 17 minutes 279 calories burned
Unexpected challenges: After dropping DD off at a birthday party I had to turn around and go back because of an Asthma attack. She is fine, thank goodness. It pushed my breakfast back a while so I ended up eating breakfast and lunch back to back.

What I did wrong: Didn't d my C25K run
What I did right: Did other fitness activities with DS.
How I feel/felt: Tired, but good. Nice to have a lot of quality time with my boy.

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12/9/11 3:27 P

Week 3 Day 5
Morning Weight: 154.0
Goals for the day: Continue as I have been, but try to up the fiber.
Expected challenges: It's Friday and I want to celebrate.
Mood/energy level/feelings:Happy for Friday!
Plan to keep me on track: Took out the benefiber. Will have leftovers for dinner. I need to remind myself that just because it is Friday doesn't mean it is a Free Day.

Calorie total: 1499
Fitness total: 10 minutes 34 calories (oops) Walked the dog and that's it.

Unexpected challenges: Kids were watching tv and I didn't kick them off to do my wii fit. DH had to work late so I couldn't go out for a run. Now I'm too tired.

What I did wrong: Didn't work out at all. I could have done the free run on wii fit while the kids watched tv, or I could have kicked them off the tv, or I could have ran as soon as I came home because I came home before the rest of the family today. But I didn't.

What I did right: I didn't drink a beer with dinner. I stayed within calories (even though I was tempted not to). I upped my fiber (although I'm still not where I need to be). I drank my water.

How I feel/felt: Tired but happy.

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12/8/11 11:50 A

Week 3 Day 4
Morning Weight: Didn't have a chance to get on the scale
Goals for the day: Stay within calories. Track everything. Water. C25K run + my wii challenges.
Expected challenges: Busy afternoon. I hope to fit everything in.
Mood/energy level/feelings: A little stressed. Had a stressful dream and a stressful morning. Trying to unwind.
Plan to keep me on track: Dinner is already cooking (LOVE MY CROCKPOT).

Calorie total: 1494
Fitness total: 60 minutes 395 Calories.
Unexpected challenges: It gets dark way to fast these days. I almost didn't do my run. After I took the dogs for a walk it was so dark outside. I did my wii fit while dinner was finishing. Then after dinner I decided to go down to the fitness room at DH job and ran on the treadmill. I'm glad I did it, even on a full stomach. I started with day one again so that it would be easy and not give me a cramp.
What I did wrong: I was pretty much on track today.
What I did right: Did my run even though odds were against it. Stayed within calories. Did not have a beer with dinner (although I was tempted).
How I feel/felt: Feel good!

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12/7/11 7:39 A

Morning Weight: 154.4 (normal fluctuations, I'm not worried)
Goals for the day: Track, drink my H2O, get in a at least 60 fitness minutes in.
Expected challenges: yucky weather. Running late.
Mood/energy level/feelings: rushed.
Plan to keep me on track: already have lunch ready to go. Just need to get breakfast together.

Calorie total: 1306
Fitness total: 45 wii minutes Island cycling and free run. 229 calories.
Unexpected challenges: Really rainy day. Didn't get out to do my EI25K run or to walk the dog.
What I did wrong: Didn't drink water much during the day. But I crammed it all in this evening.
What I did right: Stopped eating when I was full, even though it tasted good and I had already accounted for the calories. I wrapped up the rest for lunch tomorrow.
How I feel/felt: Tired. Okay. I wish the rain would stop so I can get my outdoor runs in. I want to try out my EI25K app since the last update (before it was crashing and not registering the run as completed).

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12/6/11 11:09 P

Great Job JHOPEW!

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12/6/11 7:38 P

Morning Weight: 153.8 (That was the lowest of 3 weights I ended up getting this morning)
Goals for the day: It's after the fact so this is pointless right now.
Expected challenges: Working in two different schools with very little time in between for lunch and travel time. My worry was that I wouldn't have time for lunch at all.
Mood/energy level/feelings: I'm posting this later in the day so everything I write will be hindsight.
Plan to keep me on track: Pick up something for breakfast and lunch that I can eat on the go in case I don't have time to take a proper lunch break.

Calorie total: 1422
Fitness total: 23 wii minutes 96 calories burned. But I hope to hop back on and do some just dance.

Unexpected challenges: No plan for dinner and DH had the car so I couldn't run out. I was innovative though.

What I did wrong: No veggies for dinner. Empty fridge + no car = we do what we can.

What I did right: I picked up a yogurt in the morning to eat for breakfast, as well as a can of mixed nuts. I figured if I had no time to take lunch I could have some of those and they would fill me. When I got to my first assignment I ordered a salad from the cafeteria. I took it with me to my second assignment, and I got their early enough to eat it before I had to teach.

How I feel/felt: What a crazy stressful day. Dinner was fast food done slow. I had ground beef that I planned to use for tacos, but I had no taco shells. So I thought I'd make burgers. We had no buns and we were short on bread (kids need it for lunch) so I found a hamburger bun recipe and threwh it in the bread machine on dough setting. The buns came out delicious (even though my timing wasn't great and the kids were complaining about being hungry because dinner was late). Now I need to start tweaking the recipe to make it healthier. I'm ready to crash.

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12/5/11 2:06 P

Week 2 Day 1
Last Weeks Weight: 159
This Weeks Weight 156
My reaction; I was NOT expecting to remove 3 pounds from my body. I am really excited. But will continue to not view the scale as the only indactor for my health, I wam feeling great! I want to trim my waist and back fat and trim by boob size by 1. Pretty sure there is some fat in there! Truly excited.
Workout for today: 5k workout prep. Excited!
Good luck everyone@

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12/5/11 1:56 P

Week 3 day 1
Morning Weight: 154.0
Goals for the day: get in a c25k run and all Of my fitness challenge commitments. Stay within calorie range.

Expected challenges: no real plan for dinner. Need to pick up some protien.

Mood/energy level/feelings: feeling fine. Happy with my progress.

Plan to keep me on track: will stop at the store on my way home from work so I can start dinner as soon as I get home. If I wait too long I will not do it. I hope I have time to stop and still get home for the kids.

Calorie total:1211 (It was even less after dinner, but I figure I earned myself a beer and brought myself up to 1211 with my special treat)
Fitness total: 36 minutes / 211 calories
Unexpected challenges: Not many vegetable or fruit options available today.
What I did wrong: Think I'm doing ok today.
What I did right: Stayed within calories. Worked out. Stopped at the store to pick up meat for today and tomorrow so I wouldn't be tempted to fall into the fast food trap.
How I feel/felt: Proud. Proud of my scale success, my meal success (made plantains for the first time) my sit down family dinner time!

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12/4/11 7:11 P

End of week 2 summary:

Average daily calories: 1500
Total fitness minutes: 231 minutes
Total Fitness Calories: 1,307

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12/4/11 10:24 A

Week 2 Day 7
Morning Weight: 155.0
Goals for the day: Track all my food. Get in some water. Fun Fitness!
Expected challenges: Getting our Christmas tree so we are heading out to the east end. Expecting a lot of time sitting in a car stuck in traffic.

Mood/energy level/feelings: Good mood. Glad to see the scale moving in the right direction again. Tomorrow is my official weigh-in and I'm trying to think positive, rather than thinking I am already 3 weeks behind in my 20 pounds in 10 weeks challenge, I'm trying to think, 2 pound loss this week is right on track. And who knows, maybe tomorrow it will be more than 2 pounds.

Plan to keep me on track: Will travel with water bottle and carrot sticks. No tempting snacks will be stuck in traffic with me this time!

Calorie total: 1581 (over by 31 calories)
Fitness total: 72 minutes 518 calories burned
Unexpected challenges: McDonald's and Starbucks

What I did wrong: Drank the Eggnog Latte without knowing what it was or how many calories were in it. DH surprised me with it and I enjoyed every drop. I also almost didn't log it, but as I was about to open up a beer after dinner I remembered that I needed to add it. almost 400 calories YIKES!

What I did right: Ordered the fruit and walnut salad and a snack wrap for a total of 600 calories. A lot of calories for lunch, but pretty good for a McDonald's meal. Also, I put that beer away once I realized where I was calorie-wise and had milk instead. I needed the extra calcium and if I was going to go over calories anyway, better I do it with something that has some nutrition.

How I feel/felt: I feel sore, but a good kind of sore. I did a lot of exercise today. I joined 2 new wii fit challenges and I ran/walked. I burned off more than the Latte so I don't feel too guilty about it.

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12/3/11 3:08 P

Week 2 Day 6
I'm a little late with my check in, but here it is:
Morning Weight: 155.4
Goals for the day: Get moving. Stay within calories. Water, water, water!!!!

Expected challenges: I'm in a festive mood and feel like having some festive cocktails.

Mood/energy level/feelings: Well, it is already pretty late in the day. This morning I took a short walk with the dogs, then a long walk to go pick up things to get my outside decorarted for the holidays. So I already burned over 400 calories just with walking. Then DH came home with a brand new pair of RUNNING SHOES for me!! YAY, No more running in my shape ups. Now I am motivated to walk down to the track to try them out! I am cooking up some chicken soup and I'm really in such a good mood. I love good moods, I just hope I don't give in to my desire to have some fun drinks to go with my good mood.

Plan to keep me on track: Already have dinner cooking, lunch is over and done with. I'm trying to resist the cheez-its that are calling me from the cabinet. I feel like every time I eat lately, my stomach cramps up. It doesn't even really matter what it is. I wonder why?

Calorie total: 1566 (16 calories over)
Fitness total: 75 minutes (380 calories)

Unexpected challenges: Snacking while waiting for dinner. Gave into some chocolate cravings as well as my cocktail craving, but I stopped at 1 drink and a few chocolate chips (As well as a mini Mr. Goodbar leftover from Halloween). Also DH came home with some McDonald's breakfast. I was good and ate only 1/2 of my mcgriddle sandwich and did not touch the hash brown. YAY ME!

What I did wrong: The snacking. The drink. I should have chose one or the other. No need for two indulgences.

What I did right: The chicken soup made with homemade stock was the MOST delicious soup ever! And I didn't even add any salt. I thought for sure I would need to add salt. I love the taste of salt, but the stock was so full bodied it didn't even need it! I'm so impressed with myself. That is what "real food" is supposed to taste like! Also I only ate 1/2 of the breakfast sandwich.

How I feel/felt: Still have a weird stomach--happens every time I eat something. Doesn't matter what it is. I wonder if it is the tap water? I usually don't have a problem with tap water but it is odd that my stomach has been so weird for over a week now and the water is the only thing that has been consistent. First I thought it was Thanksgiving but that was over a week ago. I have been eating beans a lot the past few days, but this started before the beans.

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12/2/11 8:46 A

Week 2 Day 5
Morning Weight: 155.4
Goals for the day: Stay within calories. Don't give into cranky cravings. Get in more fitness today.
Expected challenges: No dinner plans. DD has a birthday party to go to. I won't eat there!!
Mood/energy level/feelings: Feeling guilty about last nights late night snacking but today is a new day.
Plan to keep me on track: Snack only on veggies and fruits today. Change into work out clothes as soon as I get home so I am not tempted to put it off.

Calorie total: 1225 (and I'm not even hungry!)
Fitness total: aside from a little bit of wii running with my son, nothing.
Unexpected challenges: Lot's of after work running around killed my work out time.
What I did wrong: not many vegetables and not enough water.
What I did right: Amazing with my calories. No snacking today, but also not very hungry at all all day.
How I feel/felt: Good. Tired. Content.

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12/1/11 7:18 A

Week 2 Day 4
Morning Weight: 155.6
Goals for the day: Continue with tracking and water. Try to burn at least 400 calories in exercise.

Expected challenges: No meal ideas for lunch today. Will have to wing it.

Mood/energy level/feelings: Feel hungry. Didn't think I would ever feel hungry again after dinner last night. Better get some breakfast in me or lunch will be a real disaster.

Plan to keep me on track: Smart choices. I will pack an orange, apple and some baby carrots to munch on throughout the day so I can make a smart choice at lunch rather than let an empty stomach do the picking..

At the end of the day I will edit the post to add my
Calorie total:1493 ETA: Bad, Bad late night snack of chammomile tea (with sugar) and cheeze-its and popcorn brought me up to 1739. Total emotional eating, and now my stomach is mad at me and hurting.

Fitness total: Not sure. I did a little Wii fit but the kids were being really obnoxious so I cut it short.

Unexpected challenges: I forgot to eat breakfast. I packed it, and then forgot to eat it. Not a big deal, but I was wondering why I was so hungry when I got home. Then I opened the top compartment of my lunch box to wash my thermos and saw that my oatmeal was still in there.

What I did wrong: Lots of snacking when I got home. I am sure it is mostly due to skipping breakfast. Knowing I had those extra calories (and some rumbly in my tummy) caused me to snack on more than just the low cal carrots and popcorn. I'm also super cranky. Probably due to two cups of coffee this morning instead of one. ETA: LAte night snacking when I'm not hungry! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

What I did right: Stayed within calories. Logged. Even made time to pack a lunch which saved me from ordering lunch from the cafeteria. And I had an apple and orange during the day (which is probably why I forgot about my breakfast).

How I feel/felt: Cranky. Really, really cranky. I don't see myself getting in any more exercise today. DH won't be home until late and the kids are really pushing my buttons. The dog peed upstairs (after she had gone outside and did her business). So she will NOT get a walk tonight.

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12/1/11 7:12 A

Your welcome!

AMYBUTLER10 Posts: 205
11/30/11 8:57 A

This is a great accountability tool! I think I might copy it!!!! :) I hope that I can be as detailed with it as you. I feel like it would help alot! Great job! Thanks!

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11/30/11 7:37 A

Week 2 Day 3
Morning Weight: 156.6
Goals for the day: Drink my water and stay within calorie range.

Expected challenges: Back to work today after over a week off. Planning for dinner will be a challenge.

Mood/energy level/feelings: Glad to be working again. Hopeful that I can get through today without flaking for lunch.

Plan to keep me on track: I'll defrost the beef stir fry and pick up some frozen veggies on the way home so I can make a quick easy dinner. Rice is already made.

Calorie total: 1506 (probably a bit less because I didn't finish my dinner. It was very filling.
Fitness total: 45 minute Wii fit and 20 minute walk. Total calories burned: 259

Unexpected challenges: DH had a different idea for dinner for the kids, so instead of making the stir fry I made an enchilada for myself (even though I had one for lunch). I made it too fat, so I stuck an extra tortilla on top of it and called it a quesadilla and counted it as two enchiladas which was over 600 calories. YIKES. I didn't eat the whole thing because it was extremely and surprisingly filling, but for that many calories it should be!

What I did wrong: I kept eating even though I was so full (because it tasted good and because I already accounted for the calories). Luckily I got a grip and stopped, but I waited until I thought I would burst. Not a good habit to get into!

What I did right: Met ALL of my goals today. That's a first. Well, I'm still working on the water, but I'm only 2 cups behind.

How I feel/felt: So, so so full! I guess that isn't too bad because the rest of my family is eating ice cream right now and I feel so stuffed I'm not even jealous or tempted by it.

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CASSIQUE Posts: 356
11/29/11 8:02 P

Thanks. I found that posting my goals and calorie counts helps keep me accountable. I also like to reflect on what I did wrong and what I did right (in that order). It keeps me from feeling defeated. Last year, when I lost a good amount of weight, I was daily sending emails to a bunch of family members who were also losing weight with me and it kept me going. They have all lost interest in the weight-loss competition so I am bringing my accountability here instead.

SEAJESS Posts: 3,830
11/29/11 10:46 A

What a great check out! I'm a bit intimidated by the depth of your program. I'm still struggling to integrate regular strength training into my routine. Heck, to get a ROUTINE.

I'll keep an eye on you for inspiration.


CASSIQUE Posts: 356
11/29/11 7:51 A

Week 3 Day 2
Morning Weight:156.8
Goals for the day:
Water 3 water bottles full, no excuses.
Tracking everything.
Exercise, walk before it rains! Play just dance later on tonight.

Expected challenges: No plans for dinner yet. I need to get on that.
Mood/energy level/feelings: Feeling good. Glad to see the scale moving in the right direction again. My stomach is still a bit off.

Plan to keep me on track: Lots of leftovers today. I plan to make a stock to keep on hand for soup later this week. I need to find a good recipe to use up the leftover chicken.

Calorie total: 1549 (one calorie away from my max--whew that was close!)
Fitness total: 49 minutes (wii said I burned 150 calories-- a lot of time for not much payout)
Unexpected challenges: The enchiladas I made for dinner were so good I almost went for seconds even though I was full. Thank goodness I logged everything before I reached for the second enchilada.

What I did wrong: I've been skipping my morning walk for no good reason except laziness. I need to get on that.

What I did right: Finally I got in all of my water intake in. I also drank lots of tea (without milk or sugar).

How I feel/felt: I feel full. Super duper full. I also feel good. The wii fit is fun even if it isn't a big calorie burner.

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11/28/11 9:50 A

Week 3 Day 1
Morning Weight: 157.0 (right back where I started)
Goals for the day: TWE (Track, Water, Exercise)
*Under 1500 calories
*64 Oz of water
* Up my exercise - - 20 minute Walk + 30 minutes of something more intense like running or dancing.
Expected challenges: Home with kids today. I need to still make time to get out and do some moving.

Mood/energy level/feelings: It's a new week. I left my mistakes of the weekend in the past and I'm focused on the present and the future. My stomach is still not back to normal yet.

Plan to keep me on track: Get the exercise out of the way early. We are not going anywhere today and I will start dinner in the crock pot ASAP so that it is ready and there will be no change of plans later in the day.

Calorie total:1338
Fitness total: 310 calories (Week 7 day 1 C25K with 2 minutes of walking in the middle)

Unexpected challenges: My mother called and said she was stopping by and asked if we wanted her to pick up dinner from Wendy's. I said "No". Because I had already had the chicken cooking in the Crockpot since 12:30 this afternoon I was able to stick to my plan. If dinner wasn't already in works I might not have had the same will power

What I did wrong: Didn't drink water all day. Trying to cram it all in now.
What I did right:Stayed within calories. Got to the gym. Had a nice healthy sit down dinner with my family.

How I feel/felt: I'm feeling really warm and fuzzy right now. I decided to start an advent wreath this year. My grandmother used to do it when we were kids. I never really knew what it was for except that it counted down the Sunday's to Christmas. We are not a religious family. We don't go to church, but I have been connecting to different spiritual traditions and adapting them to work with our family. The kids love counting down to Christmas, so we incorporated the candles and the weekly focus. I chose Christmas colors (red and green with a white one in the center for Christmas eve) rather than the advent color of purple. It was a nice evening. The kids go back to school tomorrow so it was nice to have one last calm, peaceful day.

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11/27/11 10:04 A

Week 2 Day 7
Morning Weight: 157.0--back where I started :(
Goals for the day: Stay at the LOW END of my calorie range (1200-1350). Tomorrow is my official weigh-in, and even if a loss from last week is no longer possible, hopefully I will be down a bit from today.

Expected challenges: I am on a celebration kick. Not good. Planning to take the kids to the movies but we will air pop some popcorn and sneak it in.

Mood/energy level/feelings: Stomach is still a bit troublesome. I'm not at all hungry but I will have a light breakfast. I am a bit devastated that my 2 pound loss was found again.

Plan to keep me on track: Tomorrow is weigh-in. The moment of truth. And I have not been behaving. I need to remember that just because I've made mistakes these past few days doesn't mean this is over. Everyday is a fresh start.

Calorie total: 1455
Fitness total: none
Unexpected challenges: When I told kids we would not buy popcorn they offered to buy it themselves and I gave in and ended up buying it for them. We didn't finish the bag, but it was on my lap so I probably ate the most.

What I did wrong: Ate the darn popcorn!!!!!

What I did right: Stayed within calories

How I feel/felt: Full. I filled myself up at the movies so a salad with a small portion of pasta was enough dinner for me. My stomach is feeling better.

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11/26/11 11:31 A

Week 2 Day 6
Morning Weight: 156.8 WHAT???!!!!!
Goals for the day: Water, Water, Water, Water. No alcohol!!!!!! No more caffeine (aside from my morning coffee). Healthy low cal choices!

Expected challenges: Going into the city for dinner and a concert. Unsure where we are going to eat. I know I will walk a lot since we are taking the train in, and heading uptown for dinner, and then back to TriBeCa for the concert.

Mood/energy level/feelings: A little sticker shock from the scale this morning, but I remember last time I was on spark the scale always showed a good day, and a bad day two days later, so this must be the results of Thanksgiving. My official weigh-in is Monday, so that is the one that really counts. Excited for the day ahead.

Plan to keep me on track: Thanksgiving was my special day to not worry about calories. Everything else that happens from now until Christmas needs to be on plan. So, last night, even though it was a party, it was not an excuse to over indulge. Today, just because I have plans does not mean I can eat whatever my heart desires. This is the true test of a lifestyle change!

Calorie total: 2136 (Over by 586--UGH That's a whole meal!)
Fitness total: Not sure but I walked A LOT!
Unexpected challenges: Got to the city early and my mother's knees were bothering her so we stopped for an early drink while we waited for the rest of our dinner party to arrive. That kickstarted my night.
What I did wrong: The last minute snacks at the concernt. WHY???? I was full, I was content, but I was starting to feel tired so I thought a sugar rush would help me stay alert for the concert. Huge mistake. If I stopped right after dinner I would have only been over by about 10 calories instead of by 586!
What I did right: Lots of exercise. Logging everything to stay accountable.
How I feel/felt: It was a great day. Lots of good walking. Being in the city invigorates me. I got to see the tree at Rockerfeller Center, unlit, and I am motivated to go back in a few weeks with the kids to do the annual Christmas sight-seeing we like to do. My stomach was a MESS when I got home.

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11/25/11 12:03 P

Week 2 Day 5

Morning Weight: Didn't weigh myself
Goals for the day: back to tracking. Back to exercising.
Expected challenges: Plans to go to a movie and then to a tree-trimming party. Lots of unexpected food.
Mood/energy level/feelings: Feeling good. Full. Had a too big breakfast.
Plan to keep me on track: Get back on track. Do not snack. Remember to track my calories!

Calorie total: 1476
Fitness total: 0
Unexpected challenges: Tree Trimming party that I thought was supposed to be on Saturday.
What I did wrong: No water. No exercise.
What I did right: Didn't eat too much. I woke up late and had a big breakfast that carried me until party time. I ate just enough, and munched on healthy low cal options.
How I feel/felt: Good about most things. Still feeling effects from Thanksgiving.

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11/24/11 11:03 A

Week 2 Day 4
Morning Weight: 155.0 (still up from my official weigh-in but at least it isn't as bad as it's been.
Goals for the day: Log as best I can. Enjoy Thanksgiving without over-indulging
Expected challenges: It's Thanksgiving!!! Need I say more?
Mood/energy level/feelings: Happy and ready to celebrate. I am making some delicious pumpkin/cranberry bread for the first time using fresh cranberries. The house smells delicious and warm and festive!
Plan to keep me on track: Not eating anything but fruit and veggies until dinner.

Calorie total: Didn't log (bad, bad, bad!!!)
Fitness total: none
Unexpected challenges: early morning baking with walnuts ended up munching on them, then on chips at our holiday dinner.
What I did wrong: lots of munching. Usually I can try to log after the fact, but with all the picking I did, it is almost impossible to figure out how I did.
What I did right: Didn't go for seconds. Only had 1 small dessert (the pumpkin cranberry bread I made) and I only had 1 1/2 glass of wine.
How I feel/felt: It was another wonderful, fun Thanksgiving.

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11/23/11 8:42 A


Morning Weight: Not weighing myself this morning. Too afraid of what I will see.
Goals for the day: Stay within calories!!! Drink my water!!! I need to keep it simple to get back on track.
Expected challenges: Still have house guests and I am in the holiday mood.
Mood/energy level/feelings: I'm feeling good, but remorseful about not staying in range the past few days. All of my loss came back in one day. I'm hoping it is all water retention thanks to the alcohol and caffeine I've been consuming.
Plan to keep me on track: Told my husband that I have to stay on track today and he told me he would help. So I hope that means he won't pour me a glass of wine tonight.

Calorie total: 1244
Fitness total: 20 minute walk
Unexpected challenges: Went to Dunkin Donuts with my house guests. I was good though, ate breakfast before we went and only had a cup of coffee.
What I did wrong: Added sugar to my afternoon tea. I was craving sweetness.
What I did right: Stayed within calories. Stayed away from the wine. Resisted a lot of temptation.
How I feel/felt: Feel good although the past few days of having wine has made me bloated and I am experiencing gas pains right now. Now it is time to prepare for my biggest challenge. Turkey Day!

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11/22/11 7:40 A

Week 2 Day 2
Morning Weight: 156.2 (back up :()
Goals for the day: Log everything, and keep it low. No extras. Get in some movement.
Expected challenges: Thanksgiving feast at work today.
Mood/energy level/feelings: Feeling guilty about yesterday.
Plan to keep me on track: Smart choices. NO ALCOHOL!!!!!

Calorie total: 2012 (462 calories over)
Fitness total: 15 minute walk
Unexpected challenges: Having house guests makes me want imbibe. Pinot Grigio this time.
What I did wrong: Broke my no alcohol rule again.
What I did right: logged even when I thought I wouldn't.
How I feel/felt: I had two great meals and if it wasn't for the wine I would have done ok with calories.

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11/21/11 7:57 A

Week 2 Day 1
Morning Weight:154.6
Goals for the day:
*Eat within Calorie Range
*30 minutes of moving
* Up my water intake

Expected challenges: I really shouldn't have had as many vodka and Diet Pepsi cocktails as I did. All of that caffeine kept me up all night which is sure to effect me today. Also it is a rainy day so getting out to take my walk will be a struggle.

Mood/energy level/feelings: Feeling a little bit of remorse for drinking last night. The remorse comes more towards the fact that this is the first time I didn't see a little bit of loss on the scale and I blame the alcohol. Also the fact that it kept me up.

Plan to keep me on track: Just plug through it. I may not feel good about things today, but that is no excuse to fall off track. This is a brand new day, a brand new week, a brand new challenge. WE have company coming over tonight so I have a lot of physical house keeping to do which should burn some calories, and I have the house to myself all day so it is the perfect time to get it done.

Calorie total: 2084
Fitness total: 30 minutes of walking
Unexpected challenges: Beer and pizza. I was planning on cooking but ended up ordering pizza instead.
What I did wrong: I had two slices instead of 1 and decided to go for the beer even though I told myself I needed to stay away.
What I did right: Not much :( I did drink more water than I have been.
How I feel/felt: Good. We have houseguests and I am kick-starting my holiday. It is going to be a challenging month.

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11/20/11 8:00 P

That sounds great! Everyone's weight-loss journey is different. For me, being accountable, setting daily goals early in the morning and reporting my calorie and fitness totals in the evening along with my high points and low points for the day is really helpful. For me, long term doesn't work, I need reflect on what I did wrong every day AND make sure I acknowledge what I did right every day (in that order). Always end on a positive note!

If you are just starting don't worry about getting your calorie counts right just yet. Focus just on logging and one small thing that is easy. Actually I think starting with logging everything every day is the best first habit to get into. Don't even worry about the calories yet, just get it all down. Then you can start looking for places to tweak. Or just adding in an extra fruit or veggie serving or getting in your water intake (which doesn't cost you anything if you are like me and don't buy into the bottled water hype--honestly I doubt tap water is worse than most of the stuff we put into our bodies on a daily basis and bottled water is really just someone else's filtered tap water). I don't even really filter my water anymore unless I think about it first. And a faucet filter is just as good as a brita (the only reason I don't use one anymore is because I can't get it to fit on my new tap and the rim on the tap doesn't unscrew.)

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11/20/11 9:52 A

Check In. I weighed 258 this morning. I am going to take it little by little come on 250.

PEPPYPATTI SparkPoints: (149,586)
Fitness Minutes: (159,659)
Posts: 39,539
11/20/11 9:01 A

Weight in at 173...can't wait to see 169 which is really spurring me on. emoticon

CASSIQUE Posts: 356
11/20/11 8:28 A

Week 1 Day 7
Morning Weight: 154.6 (-2.4)
Goals for the day:
*Eat within calorie range.
*30 minutes of moving

Expected challenges: Tupperware party to go to. It will be hard to keep track of what I eat and it will be impossible to plan ahead.

Mood/energy level/feelings: Feeling good. Got a very good night sleep last night and I am ready to tackle the day.

Plan to keep me on track: I will have a very light breakfast and dinner to accommodate what might happen for lunch today. I will enjoy myself at the party and not be too uptight about the food, but I will also not let myself get out of control and binge like it is the last meal I'll ever have.

Calorie total: 1626 (76 calories over)
Fitness total: 138 calories 23 minutes-walking both dogs for 14 min. and the hyper dog at a faster past for 8 min.)
Unexpected challenges: Brought home a 2 liter bottle of pepsi max from the party so I felt free to indulge in my vodka and soda's.

What I did wrong: Went for that 4th vodka and pepsi. I'm not working tomorrow and I feel like I gypped myself because of last night.

What I did right: Logged everything I ate at the party! I tried to be as honest as possible even though I didn't measure anything.

How I feel/felt: I feel good. A little buzzed which makes me nervous because either I will go to sleep or have another. My official weigh-in is tomorrow so I will pay for my mistakes. So I feel accountable which is working in my favor. I'm not working tomorrow, but I have a lot to do around the house. I hope I am good for the rest of the night. But I also feel a little guilty for going over calories and under fitness minutes.

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11/19/11 6:25 P

Wow! That's great! I don't have much luck with treadmills.

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PEPPYPATTI SparkPoints: (149,586)
Fitness Minutes: (159,659)
Posts: 39,539
11/19/11 10:48 A

This morning I hit my highest counts on the treadmill....62 min for 2.90 miles. Yay! I am so proud of myself.

CASSIQUE Posts: 356
11/19/11 8:41 A

Week 1: Day 6
Check in
Morning weight: 155.4 (-1.6 pounds)

Goals for the day:
*Continue to eat within calorie range
*take a walk/do something active for at least 30 minutes

Expected challenges: Woke up very early due to Allergies so I am afraid I will have low energy. Lot's of leftover pizza in the fridge. I plan to eat lots of small snacks (fruits and veggies, air popped popcorn with hot sauce) so I'm not tempted to chow down on the pizza.

Mood/energy level/feelings: Feeling motivated and ready to take on the day, but a little tired.

Check Out
Calorie total:1550 edited due to late not hershey's kiss and 1 piece of hard candy. I'm amazed that it was exactly my upper limit!
Fitness total:114 (20 minute walk)

Unexpected challenges: Tried to take a midday nap but I got woken up and couldn't get back to sleep. Ended up spending the rest of the day trying to take a nap.

What I did wrong:
1) Two slices of pizza at lunch instead of one and soda--not diet :(
2) When I realized I wasn't going to be able to sleep I should have gotten up and gone about my day and try the nap later instead of being lazy and trying to fall asleep for most of the afternoon.

What I did right: I knew I'd be tired so I made sure I took my walk early on, before the tiredness hit me.

How I feel/felt: I am still very tired. The pizza at lunch filled me up so I'm not hungry for dinner. I figured I'd share some cocktails with my husband tonight, but all we had was regular soda so I could only afford 1 vodka and coke. It's okay, though. I'm so tired but I hate going to bed this early on Saturday's. I'm not hungry at all.

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11/19/11 8:29 A

I am back after close to a year of staying away, and a summer of packing the pounds back on (only 6 pounds away from where I started last year :( ). I did better in the fall, but now I want to get serious again. Last year I lost almost 20 pounds and reporting my daily totals and plans for the day kept me accountable. All of my weight loss buddies (or Biggest Loser competitors) have lost interest but rather than go it alone I figure I can check in here. Anyone who is interested in joining in can feel free to also post.

My starting weight this Go-Around was 157.0.
I weigh myself every morning so my posts will follow this format:
Morning Weight:
Goals for the day:
Expected challenges:
Mood/energy level/feelings:
Plan to keep me on track:

At the end of the day I will edit the post to add my
Calorie total:
Fitness total:
Unexpected challenges:
What I did wrong:
What I did right:
How I feel/felt:

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