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5/26/13 4:54 P

My normal day involves a lot of weighing food and measuring things which comes across as weird or annoying to others. When I'm having a meal with other people where I can't control what I'm being served, I give myself permission to not measure as long as I make better choices and don't overdo portions. I also restrict these meals to one a week or less. It's a trade-off for my mental health that won't overly sabotage my eating plan.

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I love your comments here! When I came to this message board today, I was thinking that I might ask a question about going off my eating plan for a day and was having difficulty formulating my question. I realized that this difficulty was coming because I am not on a "diet". I think that I have actually been successful at getting out of the "diet" mentality and moving over to a "wellness" perspective! I will be at a family reunion today where there will be great food - I am in the south and I needn't say more about the great food! I will make choices that appeal to me - and I realize that at this time in my life, my preferences have been healthier choices or just small tastes of more dense foods. So I am realizing that I can handle today in a way that supports my wellness lifestyle, while still very much enjoying myself! How awesome to have your cake and eat it too, so to speak!

Thanks for your wise words!

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A single day won't sabotage you unless you really, really, really, overdo it. The way you word your question, I wonder if you're still in that "diet" mentality where you deny yourself certain things because they're "fattening". "Cheating" implies that there are some things that make you "lose" and others that make you "win".

What I do on special occasions is set myself to maintenance, and allow myself to go up to the top of my maintenance range. I won't necessarily be losing anything, but I won't be sabotaging my efforts.

Healthy living isn't about denial and stress on special occasions; it's about enjoying life when you're presented with fun opportunities. Enjoy your family gathering, make smart decisions, and avoid the scale for a couple of days in case you get a sodium overdose. :)

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So here is the thing: whenever I am invited for a meal with friends or family, it is almost impossible to avoid eating stuff that I would otherwise avoid when not in a gathering. From appetizers to main meal to dessert to drinks, I try to reduce the portions as much as possible, but even so, my calorie intake would be much more than it is regularly.

How to deal with such situations?


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