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FEDGIRL4 Posts: 2,185
6/30/11 2:32 P

I noticed my calories changed too, they went up.

They seemed to change when I reset my goal weight date and also when I added exercise.

AASLP___ Posts: 9,650
6/30/11 1:50 P


As you lose weight, we recommend that for about every 10 or 15 pounds you update your weight goal by verifying that your current weight and goal date are correct and then clicking "save." That will prompt the system to recalculate your range based on all your current information. It's important to remember that a change will only be made if necessary--you don't always see a difference.

I hope this helps!

PHAT_N_SASSY Posts: 614
6/30/11 12:29 A

I hear a lot of people talking about how their calorie ranges have went down a little. I'm wondering....So does Spark automatically lower them? And if so, when? Like do I have to do something for my calories to lower or do I just keep weighing in and sooner or later they will go down? Just curious, I will be happier when mine go down. LOL

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