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BIERMA Posts: 836
6/12/13 4:39 P

Even though I've regained my mobility, I stretch with Nicole on her various chair exercises.

RONSWIFE1028 SparkPoints: (13,917)
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6/12/13 4:09 P


PERFECTVELVET SparkPoints: (65,500)
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6/12/13 11:22 A

Yes, definitely see a doctor first. I am having heel pain and waiting for my podiatry referral, so for now I am doing things like chair exercises. They are not great for cardio, but they are good for strength -- and actually strength training will keep you burning calories up to 24 hours! It's definitely a good alternative and something you should do anyway, but please get your knee looked at. Best of luck.

MRSTIGHTWAD SparkPoints: (1,172)
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6/12/13 10:08 A

Ok....first off, see an orthopedic. You may need an MRI to determine any damage to the ligaments and/or meniscus.

Also, pop on a supportive brace, one that allows for a full range of movement.

Third....understand this.......I am 5' 2" tall. An average person with my height should weigh around 118. The average person exerts 600 lbs of impact pressure on the knee with every step. A person who is overweight is going to obviously exert more force on the joint.

Do not limit yourself to chair exercises, but definitely see a doctor first. If there's a tear in there, or one of your ligaments is weak, they can determine the appropriate course of treatment.

SUSAN727 Posts: 1,880
6/11/13 4:23 P

If you have a need to do chair exercises, they are great. Use them to build yourself up to other types of exercises.

RONSWIFE1028 SparkPoints: (13,917)
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6/11/13 12:31 P

I don't want to do chair workouts but I am problems with my left knee and hip.I am more of a insanity type of workout girl but the pain is restricting me. I have a spin bike but when I get on it my knee feels like it is dislocating.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
6/11/13 9:11 A

Yes, I have done chair workouts. cardio may be a challenge as I never really got my heartrate up. It is good for strengthening. I was working on legs primarily.

MRSTIGHTWAD SparkPoints: (1,172)
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6/11/13 8:47 A

Is there a specific reason that you are wanting to do a chair workout?

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (199,750)
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6/11/13 4:45 A

If you have mobility restrictions, chair workouts are a good choice.

NARMINS SparkPoints: (0)
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6/11/13 4:20 A

Always aim for functional workouts. Chair workouts don't give maximum results.

RONSWIFE1028 SparkPoints: (13,917)
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6/10/13 4:27 P

Has anyone tried the chair workouts and have they given you good results?

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