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9/30/13 9:15 P


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9/24/13 9:50 P

it's by Beachbody

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9/24/13 8:27 P

Have been seeing a lot of posts about chalean. Where can you buy this program?

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9/24/13 7:19 P

I LOVE CLX (I know you know that lol) and I had to pause a few times, but I also bought a set of adjustable weights (Bowflex makes some and so do other companies). A big investment, but you have a complete set of weights 10-50 pounds and then if you have some smaller weights, then you have a GREAT set!

And definitely print out the workout sheets or write down what weight you use/# of reps so you remember from week to week. That helped me a LOT so I could see where I was maxing out at the top of the reps and had to increase my weight from week to week.

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9/24/13 12:45 P

Pausing now why didn't I think of that? I just kept switching and by the time I'd find the right one it'd be on to the next round and I wasn't getting a workout. At that point I wanted to do these workouts becuase the strength ones in TurboFire weren't giveing me much of a workout anymore. Love them but needed to switch it up. Thanks ladies!!

9/24/13 12:19 P


I have done ChaLEAN Extreme twice and it takes time to figure out which resistance works best for you. I did not use the resistance bands for the main circuits but I found them better for the interval work outs (lighter weights and more reps). I always had to switch it up to find the right resistance for me and don't be afraid to pause the DVD to get everything in place.

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9/24/13 11:50 A

I've just started it... did burn 1 and 2 thus far.
I think I got a big workout, to be honest. It's not cardio, and yes, you do have to switch up... but if you're not feeling anything you probably aren't using big enough weights. The next morning I'm all sorts of sore (good sore ^_^ )
I'm quite new to the whole weight thing, and I only have 2, 3 and 5kg dumbbells, but those seemed more than adequate for the workout at the moment. I used some waterbottles (1.5l = 1.5kg) for burn 1 but discovered that they weren't big enough so I took a chance and upped the weights for burn 2. The 5kg kick my butt on the rows, etc... though I hope to need to add to it soon (that's what's supposed to happen).
Yes, it's a bit annoying to keep switching, but I just lay them out like the people using dumbbells do and it's not much of a bother ^_^
I ordered a set of resistance bands since the dumbbells are on loan from a friend (the 2 and 5kg ones, at least) and I'd hate to keep asking him for more.

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9/24/13 11:33 A

For those of you doing ChaLean Extreme I have a question: I did Burn 1 and didn't feel like I got a workout at all becuase I had to keep switching up what I used. Is it like that for each DVD in this set when you start or are there some where switching of equipment or finding the right one isn't as difficult?

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