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5/21/14 12:33 P

My mother is in this position. She's 65 and has been taking care of me and her mother since I can remember. Now, it's time for her to take care of herself. She's not part of Sparkpeople, but she is looking into ways to get healthier and to lose some weight.

Good luck to you! ♥

5/21/14 10:04 A

I can SO relate. I am taking care of my ex-husband who has terminal gastric cancer. Next week, I am taking him to have a j-tube (feeding tube) inserted as well as a exit tube from his stomach. It's so much harder taking care of an adult who doesn't do what you tell them like a child would! I also have a full-time office job, so I'm taking off work to take him to appointments and labs and then doing his list of honey dos and the housework during my evenings and weekends.
I don't usually talk about it a lot because it sounds like I'm whining, but you get it! It's nice to find someone who can relate. Email me anytime. We can blow off steam and whine to each other.


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2/27/14 9:21 A

Good for you. Funny eating for someone else makes you more aware of what is healthy. I count carbs for my husband so I am very aware of what they do to you!

SUZIPAM1 Posts: 1,464
2/26/14 9:42 A

Hello - I dont think there are many people in your position - you poor thing. I am so worried that I will have to do what you have to when I am older and I hope I will be good and patient like you are

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2/26/14 9:09 A

Hi. Welcome to SparkPeople. I am also a private caregiver. My client is a brain cancer survivor in a wheelchair. There are days that she's like an Alzheimer's patient.

I have to watch her diet like a hawk so her husband and I can transfer her safely for all of us involved. Plus keeping her off medication helps lift the burden of remembering one more thing to do. She has reached a stage that she only eats what I eat so I therefore have to eat healthy for her. Since I have been doing this I have carried this over into my personal cooking habits and I have lost almost 30 lbs because of the change of eating. I do attend a gym and I also get quite a workout at work having to lift her, etc.

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2/26/14 8:56 A

Hi and Welcome to SparkPeople! emoticon emoticon

SparkPeople is full of information, support, motivation, encouragement and inspiration to help you along your journey! emoticon emoticon

I wish you the best and you can do it! emoticon emoticon

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2/26/14 8:41 A

I hope you take the time to take care of yourself as you have a very rocky road ahead . One suggestion would be fitness dvd,s and pamper your self every so often . emoticon

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2/26/14 7:07 A

hi, I'm a 66 year old caregiver taking care of my 81 year old husband who has moderate Alzheimer's . I was in much better shape 4 years ago before he was diagnosed. I've gained the weight back that I had lost and need to make some real lasting changes now. Anyone else in this position?

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