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7/28/14 8:53 A


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7/27/14 5:05 P

Do what you enjoy. They both have their advantages. Finding a good workout routine will best be suited when you find something that you truly enjoy. I find a good mix with ST, cardio that I enjoy and yoga and lots of NEAT activity.

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7/26/14 4:55 P

You must do both for real fitness.

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7/25/14 10:59 P


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7/25/14 4:53 P

So far I am only doing cardio, but that is because I find it easier to do. Definitely recommend doing both as they are different methods of training.

SPARKLE883 Posts: 148
7/25/14 9:57 A

Definitely both! When first starting out, I did 30-40 mins of cardio and then 20 mins of strength training about 3 days a week. For strength training, I did one day of upper body, one day of lower body, and one day of full body. I've found that strength training helps a lot with my cardio performance!

MOTHERBOARDER SparkPoints: (284,500)
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7/25/14 9:33 A


TACDGB Posts: 6,136
7/24/14 10:25 P

I do both. Cardio burns calories while you are doing it. Strength training burns calories up to 24 hours after you have done it. I believe both are important component to a healthy life style.

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7/24/14 10:03 P


KBURGOS05 Posts: 114
7/24/14 2:41 P

cardio but trying to start strength training.

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7/24/14 12:54 P

Definitely both, but not on the same day. I run four days a week and do a full-body ST routine twice a week.

CHEETARA79 Posts: 3,915
7/24/14 9:41 A

Both. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I do a full body strength training routine of my own design. Tues, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, I concentrate on cardio (either walking/jogging or aerobics). I do yoga every day pretty much also.

MOTHERBOARDER SparkPoints: (284,500)
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7/24/14 8:53 A


PSCHIAVONE2 SparkPoints: (20,650)
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7/24/14 7:26 A

I do both. I work out for 3 hours per week. I also will do cardio and strength training on the same day. I find that some cardio after a good ST work out keeps my muscles from getting really sore the next few days. At my training level I do not see any problems with doing both in the same workout.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,451
7/24/14 6:40 A

ST works by creating microscopic tears in the muscle fibers, which then grow back stronger. But it takes time for this to happen, which is why most experts recommend resting the muscles 48-72 hours between ST sessions.

The best approach is probably to do an all-body workout 2-3 times per week, which allows you to fit in cardio on your non-ST days. By selecting compound exercises that work several different muscles at once, you can get in an all-body workout in just a few moves. A simple but effective compound routine might comprise:
* squats/lungers
* deadlifts
* planks
* pushups (modified, wall or incline pushups if necessary)
* pull-ups/lat pull-downs/bent over dumbbell rows

ST works not just the muscles you are specifically targetting, but also a range of smaller muscles to keep you balanced and stablized. The danger of the routine you outline is that it would work a lot of the smaller muscles 2 or 3 days in succession. The more traditional grouping if you are going to follow a split routine is upper body, lower body and core.


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7/24/14 6:23 A

Thanks for answering Sarah :D I think I'll figure out what works best for me right now. It will probably end up being like you suggested, especially when school starts back up again.

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7/24/14 6:10 A

To the OP, as others have stated both strength training and cardio should be part of a well rounded workout routine. Both are important for general fitness.

To LAGJEG, if you are just doing some strength training to improve your general health, and you're not like trying to compete in some kind of fitness competition, it's not completely necessary to split everything up like that. Some people prefer to split it into different days for different muscle groups, but you don't HAVE to. For general health you can just do 2-3 full body strength training days and 3-4 cardio days.

LAGJEG2 SparkPoints: (3,413)
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7/24/14 3:40 A

I had the same questions! Thanks for asking.

Now, what would be a good schedule for this?? My husband suggested a weekly routine but I'm not sure about it.

For example:
-Monday- Back and Biceps
-Tuesday- Chest and Tris
ect. Each day of the week a different area, but where would I fit cardio in?? Anyone have a good weekly routine they wouldn't mind sharing?

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,451
7/24/14 2:44 A

Cardio and ST bring different benefits. An overall exercise program that includes BOTH types of training will bring better results than a program that concentrates on only one element. Ideally, you should do ST and cardio on different days, rather than doing them both in the same session. If this isn't possible, even seperating them by a few hours (and a meal) helps your muscles recover.


SATTVA Posts: 874
7/24/14 1:45 A

Both! And it depends on my mood and energy level.

BABECAVE Posts: 1,560
7/24/14 1:37 A

Just curious what everyone chooses for working out... if you just do Cardio... or Strength Training... or a mixture of the two... and do you switch days you do both? oxox

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