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11/14/10 9:00 P

i live in an upstairs apt as well. i've started using gliding discs and dvds (they go along with the bender ball program) the discs work well on my carpeted floor, but if you have smooth floors you could put small towels under your feet or slide in your socks. it cuts down the noise.

fortunately, most of my neighbors work similar hours outside the home so i have a pretty good block of time when i won't be disturbing anyone. i really prefer to walk, run or bike outside and have a lovely park across the street and a ten-mile bike path in my back yard. new england weather is unpredictable so it's great to have a back-up plan, especially where the days are getting shorter.

good luck!

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11/14/10 7:46 P

hello - these are all good suggestions - the mats, talking to the neighbor, etc., but i'm wondering what kind of workout dvds folks use for cardio? i also live in an upstairs apartment and am struggling to get my cardio in - like others have said, the strength training is no problem, but i'm worried about my cardio, especially with winter coming. what do we think? let me know and thanks, DC

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5/16/10 8:45 P

I live in an upstairs apartment. I spoke with my neighbor below and asked him if he'd be disturbed by my exercising, and asked him which times would be best so I didn't disturb him. He was really cool about it. I do jumping jacks most days of the week.

5/16/10 8:22 P

One of my friends was a huge dance dance revolution player, and he just went down there with his neighbors and spoke to them. They drew up an agreement that had what hours he could and couldn't thud around up there. It worked really well. :)

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5/16/10 2:13 P

Do the stairs in your apartment make noise when you walk up and down them ? You could walk up and down your stairs. Walking up stairs is wonderful cardiovascular exercise. Another thing you could do is take a daily walk. Walking is also excellent cardiovascular exercise that you can do anywhere. Take a 30 minute walk at lunch.

You could also do Leslie Sanson's Walk Away the Pounds DVD. Maybe members rave about her DVDs. Of course, you could also get one of those mini steppers. Those shouldn't make a whole lot of noise.

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5/16/10 2:04 P

I also introduced myself to my downstairs neighbours and said, "I sometimes do exercise DVDs in my apartment. I have NO idea how it sounds down there, but I really hope that if it's loud or irritating you will let me know so I can stop." I only do it during "business hours"- never early in the morning or late at night.

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5/16/10 12:28 P

I live on the 3rd floor of an apartment building. I do step aerobics all the time and have never had any complaints from the neighbors. I've also used turbo jam and Billy Blanks DVDs and never had any complaints. My husband regularly uses our elliptical.

5/16/10 12:24 P

I live in a 2nd floor apt too. I bought those interlocking rubber mats and hoped that that would muffle the sound enough! So far, I've never had any complaints...

I also bought a treadmill. I worry that the thumping (I have a very heavy foot-fall) will disturb people, but again, no complaints yet!

5/16/10 11:12 A

Try renting some kickboxing or martial arts DVD's to see how you like them - a lot of them involve kicking and punching without much jumping up & down (although be careful with your lamps and furniture!). You also might consider trying a fast-moving Ashtanga or "Power Yoga" DVD which will get your heart rate elevated with very little jumping.

5/16/10 10:53 A

I live in an upstairs apartment, and I was wondering if anyone had any advice about some cardio exercises that I can do at home. I'm a member at Curves, where I go 4x a week, so I get plenty of strength training. In fact, on my 3 days off, I really need the break from ST. I need some cardio! I normally take walks on the days I don't go to Curves, but it has been raining here on those days constantly for 3 weeks now (and no, walking in the rain is NOT refreshing especially when you live on a highway).

There's a ton of DVDs I've wanted to try, but I'm afraid to cause too much noise for my neighbors downstairs. Does anyone know of any cardio workouts I can do in an apartment that don't require a lot of jumping? I've thought about finding some kind of padding to put on the floor to help muffle it, but I just don't know. I really want to step up my work-outs, but I'm at a loss!

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