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3/25/13 11:19 A

Thank you all for the advice, I will make an appointment with a doctor. I do know that when this weight comes off the pain will lessen as well. I will give biking a try today. The last time I tried it I had a lot of pain with it, but I had been walking for 30 minutes before that. Thanks again!

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3/25/13 11:03 A

I have an old knee injury that has continued to give me problems over the years. If you haven't seen a doctor yet, I would suggest doing that first so they can suggest the best way for you to approach exercise.

I can tell you that my knee pain has lessened significantly since losing weight, and I'm sure it will become easier for you as well. I started with low impact cardio, primarily swimming and biking. The thing that actually helped me the most was yoga, which was incredibly surprising for me. I'd definitely recommend adding it to your fitness regimen.

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3/25/13 10:51 A

I agree your best bet is to talk to your doctor. Based on the details of your injury, they can help you come up with a workout plan that's safe.

Coach Jen

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3/25/13 10:50 A

[1] I am not a doctor or physical trainer.
[2] I recommend seeing a/your doctor.
[3] That having been said, if you want cardio, you want something relatively low-impact for your joints.
[4] I suspect bicycling (real bikes or stationary at a gym) would be easier on your knee & ankle and joints in general than the treadmill or ellipical machines, for example. If your joints can handle if there are rowing machines.
[5] And perhaps better for joints, as well as good for heart/lungs and overall body work: swimming!

3/25/13 10:36 A

Hi Guys!
I have recently started going to the gym in order to loose some weight before a mission trip in October. I walk on the treadmill for 45 minutes to an hour every day. I am 130 pounds over weight.I am 31 years old.
Several years ago I was in a car accident and injured my left knee and ankle. I am now experiencing a lot of pain in that leg during and after my work out. Do any of you have any suggestions as to how I should continue with cardio with out all the pain?

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