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COLLOMR Posts: 2,278
12/18/08 11:08 A

1. Kickboxing, especially Turbo Jam - it has intervals.
2. Cathe does interval type stuff - on the floor and using a step bench.
3. Christy Taylor - no intervals, but major calorie burn using step benching (kind of dancy, though)
4. Gin Miller with Reebok has a series that uses intervals on a step bench.

TOTALREDO2013 Posts: 5,257
12/18/08 11:07 A

I personally use the Polar f6 (coral pink)

MINDBEND SparkPoints: (30,263)
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Posts: 2,239
12/18/08 11:01 A

Turbo Jam for sure. I burn close to 500 calories with some of them.

I use a Polar F1 HRM which is great.

CRICKET5796 Posts: 78
12/18/08 11:00 A

I'm just wondering: what kind of heart rate monitor do you have? Is it a Polar?

ASHGIRL31 Posts: 467
12/18/08 11:00 A

Power90X: Cardio, Plyometrics and KenpoX

TOTALREDO2013 Posts: 5,257
12/18/08 10:55 A

I am going to check into these then

Thanks again!

AEOLIUS SparkPoints: (66,250)
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12/18/08 8:52 A

i think turbo jam and hip-hop abs are two excellent cardio dvds.

12/18/08 3:49 A

Bill Blanks Fat Blasting Cardio is really good

TOTALREDO2013 Posts: 5,257
12/18/08 1:06 A

Thanks so much everyone for the suggestions. Now I can search for these on Amazon and Blockbuster to see if I can get my hands on them. Burning 500 would be good and then I can finish with something else to get the calorie burn I need.

I go to the gym and use the Elliptical, StairMaster, Arc or bike. I do intervals and burn between 650 and 700 - sometimes I do more and burn 1,000.

But, I have my heart rate at about 171+ the whole time with a few boughts of 160's.

I do go intense, so I need to keep that up if I were to use DVD's at home instead. I am doing the Shred and that burns about 250 in 22 minutes. But, you feel like you were at the gym for an hour because it's intense.

GETFIT_4LIFE Posts: 1,023
12/17/08 9:23 P

i workout to Billy Blank's Tae Bo DVDs and Turbo Jam. Both DVDs will burn major calories in an hour. I haven't been working out with my heart rate monitor for some time (in repair) but i last recall burning approx 550 calories on Tae Bo DVD.

JINXSTORM Posts: 6,719
12/17/08 9:20 P

I think Turbo Jam, and Tae bo burn alot of calories and some are cardio only.

PHLOWER SparkPoints: (0)
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12/17/08 8:47 P

My new favorite is the Walk Away the Pounds Fat-burning 5 Mile. It requires no extra equipment, has some interval training, and I usually burn around 670 calories doing it.

ONG3466, it depends on your weight, build, and your overall body type. Everyone is different, and our bodies all have different ways of burning calories.


RUNNER_TIFF_07 Posts: 2,745
12/17/08 8:27 P

My favorite DVDs are Turbo Jam Cardio Party 1, 2, and 3 (all 45-50 minutes long). I burn about 400 calories, but then again, even at my hardest workout at the gym I burn about 500 calories in 60 minutes. So, who knows, you could be more. But, all the Cardio Party DVDs are completely cardio rather than full-body like someone else mentioned. My living room isn't too large and I do just fine.

ONG3466 Posts: 481
12/17/08 7:23 P

This is off topic, I've never done a work out DVD before...but I'm wondering how you can burn 650 calories in one hour? I can only burn about 400-450 in an hour! your work outs must be intense! What do you do during a usual work out that burns so many calories!?

TOTALREDO2013 Posts: 5,257
12/17/08 6:53 P

Yes, I always wear a heart rate monitor when exercising. I was hoping there was something out there to keep things veried. I do have a jump rope. I appreciate your reply.

ICANIWILL1 Posts: 1,801
12/17/08 5:25 P

I had the exact same problem, and solved it by wearing a Heart Rate Monitor, and working out, till I got to my calorie expenditure goal for the workout.

A lot of the DVDs, try to give a comprehensive full body workout, hence the inability to find one that is limited to just cardio exercises only.

Jumping rope is good for limited space areas, and will give you a pretty good workout.
its not the most joint friendly though.
Step aerobics are pretty high intensity workouts too, and is usually not a problem, even if you don't have a lot of room.

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TOTALREDO2013 Posts: 5,257
12/17/08 5:18 P


I read through all the posts I could find on good Cardio Only DVD ideas, but didn't see very much out there. I am hoping that someone can recommend a good DVD that concentrates on Cardio only and can be done in 60 minutes - and burns a large amount of calories in that time.

I currently go to the gym and use machines to burn about 650-700 calories per hour.

Could anyone suggest a DVD that can be done that does not require a huge amount of floor space? I have one room in a condo where I can do this...

Thanks for all of your help!

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