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3/1/13 3:22 P

I think that lower carbs are based on any health issues you might have. I eat lower carbs than sparks recommends for me because it helps regulate my hypoglycemia. It's all about the good carbs anyway. like whole grains fruits and veggies.

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3/1/13 2:59 P

Thank you so much for your input on carbohydrates. I understand the purpose of carbs a little better now. I'll be checking out that link you provided to educate myself a little bit more! :)

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3/1/13 2:45 P

Most people do not need to cut carbs to lose weight. :) The proliferation of low-carb diets out there have led to a lot of misinformation and misconceptions based on hearsay, but complex carbs are an excellent source of energy, and in fact are your body's preferred source!

Here's the truth about carbs:

In fact, very low carb diets can be dangerous, and aren't a good choice for most people. What matters more is the KIND of carb you choose. Simple carbs are easily digested, and may result in cravings and blood sugar spikes. Complex carbs are slower to digest, and easier on your blood sugar.

Unless that "somewhere" in question was your personal doctor, I wouldn't worry about it. There's a lot of stuff out there that will tell you all kinds of ways to lose weight (especially in popular magazines) that simply aren't the truth. In the end, losing weight is primarily about burning more calories than you eat.

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Technically, for most people anyway (assuming you don't have any dietary restrictions or are diabetic) the amount of carbs you eat has nothing to do with the amount of weight you lose. It's all about your caloric intake. Spark recommends that 50% of your daily calories come from carbs and the numbers you received are based on that.

I will say, for me personally, that I do best when I stick to the lower end of my given range for carbs. I do better when I eat more protein (100g+ a day). But usually in order to eat more protein the calories have to come off somewhere else, so that's usually carbs. I try to stick to 200 or less, which is very doable for me, even with eating things like pasta and rice and potatoes. But again, that's just for me personally. I still lost weight in weeks that I had higher carb numbers.

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3/1/13 2:39 P

Hello all,

I have a question regarding carbohydrates. I noticed today that Sparkpeople's nutrition recommends I keep my carbs between 135 - 252, but I've read somewhere that in order to lose weight you need to keep your carbs at 100 or under per day? If I keep within the numbers that was provided to me by Sparkpeople, 135-252 will I not still lose weight?

Opinions, suggestions please!

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